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Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Kings will lead Papua

Implementation of the specificity of Papua who have more ten years of running the system 10 Special Autonomy (Autonomy ), on Thursday ( 10/11/2012 ) at Skyline Field Kotaraja, District of South Jayapura Papua proclaim a king of their presence as a leader in Papua . Leadership declared it was not in the sense of political leadership, but leadership and cultural customs. Therefore, the proclamation rites performed with traditional rituals, marked a brief conversation in custom homes and custom fire.
Inauguration over Papua elected king, a king Alex Mebri Meden Yansu Meiran marked with the " baptism " with custom water by the kings who were present, namely Emanuel Koyari and Korano Mambaisyen Wanijan ( King of the Bay Saireri ), and as the Christian descendants of the daughter Mehuze king of the South.
In the near future, Alex King membri and king will be traveling to a number of areas to strengthen the kings in these areas. In the list of work in the archipelago, to the territory of Papua artifacts are at least 10 kingdoms in the various regions. In the East region of Papua are Patipi kingdom, Rumbati, Sekar, Wertuar, and Fatagar. In the West there Waigama kingdom on the island of Misool, Lilinta kingdom, and the kingdom Waigeo in Raja Ampat. Meanwhile, in the northern region of Papua on the island there is the Kingdom Mapia Mapia.

Responses of Forkorus.
Related to the king's declaration of cold response by Forkorus Yaboisembut that a year ago through a forum that they call the Third Papuan People's Conference has been defined as ' President ' federal republic of West Papua.
Forkorus who is now languishing in Abepura Lantara LP was convicted maker confirms that the system of monarchy in Papua only in Sorong and Raja Ampat . While in other areas there is only Ondoafi, chieftains, Mambri, and subsequently in accordance with local customs designations respectively.

Forkorus worry, if the system is running the kingdom, the ' state ' West Papuan declaration that has become worthless again, when he and his followers had sacrificed everything for the sake of ( including the freedom of their lives ) in order to maintain ' state ' that they shape it.
" We still see them as part of us , but what they do , it will not affect our attitude " said Pastor Ketty Yabansabra Forkorus quoted.

Draft Perdasus (Special Area Regulation).
In addition to the declaration will disseminate the leadership of King, King Alex membri and the announcer also has prepared a draft Special Area Regulation ( Perdasus ) of the king's system of government in Papua. The draft will be submitted to the Papuan People's Assembly ( MRP ) which is further discussed and submitted to the DPRP to be passed Perdasus.
Institutional kings who were prepared were named Kingdom of West Papua New Guene / Malanesia ( KPBNG / M ). The king's leadership structure adapted to the existing social structure in Papua. At the village level , and the king's district has the authority to supervise and protection of the head of the village and district heads. At the district / city the authority to supervise and protect the king in the Regent and the mayor. At the provincial level, the king has the right and obligation to conduct surveillance and protection of the governor. While at the national level, to protect the president and ministers.
According to Giving Alex King, the King of institutional formation is not to loot and not against the powers of government, but to work together with the government and in favor of building the Land of Papua for the welfare of the outer and inner Papuans.
" So this is not the State but the form of the royal Establishment King whose name is also the mandate of Law No. 21 Year 2001 on special autonomy " he said.

Condemning the OPM and the Independence Movement
That's for the welfare of the people of Papua , Raja Alez membri invite all tribes in the Land of Papua, including the TPN OPM to join construct Papua. He asked members of the Free Papua Movement ( OPM ) to immediately leave the forest, because because it is an act of misguided actions that harm themselves. Morning Star flag ( BK ), must be eliminated from the Land of Papua.
According to him, the Morning Star flag pattern in the 7 keys of death is given Satan caused many Papuans died .
" Papua problem has been completed, there is no independent, if there is a struggle for independence grafts, then it is clear they will be condemned " said Alex King.


Rabu, 25 September 2013

Last Great Queen of Indonesia Died

On 16th of september 2013 the last great queen of the old Indonesia died. Ratu Dona Martina Diaz Vieira Goidinho of Larantuka in East;Flores.She was born 6 july 1920 as Dona Martina Kinena Ximenes da Silva; daughter of the king of nearby big kingdom Sikka : Moäng Ratu Don Thomas II Ximenes da Silva(minor raja from 1902.installed 6-12-1921). She married the then young raja of Larantuka : Raja Don Lorenzo III Diaz Vieira Godinho, who would be confimred as raja in 1941.Larantuka and Sikka always had been rivals. Larantuka was the biggest symbol of Roman Catholic belief in Indonesia, that still can be witnessed by the special way the celebrate Eastern every year. So the marriage on 12-7-1938 also was a political marriage. Raja Don Lorenzo would be the last ruling raja of Larantuka;until 1962,and died in october 1982. So this last queen of Larantuka survided her king for more than 30 years.She begot 5 sons and 5 daughters. Through her lifetime she saw of course the big changes,that took place in her area in East/Flores/East-Indonesia,but also in the total of Indonesia;from a raja being nearly a half-god to the time of civil rule,where the youth had much less feeling with the royal system. Always she had been the soft touch between the throne:during the time of the rule of Don Lorenzo III,but also during the live of his succesor as nominal-raja her son Don Servus DVG(died 1998)and his brother the present raja Don Andre III Marthinus DVG. Through her upright way of living and believing she stimulated the erspect,that the people and the civil government gave to the raja dynasty of Larantuka,but also to the principle traditional royal system in Indonesia as a whole. Only from the time of royal rule some of the wives probably of the late Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII of Surakarta are still alive(but he had not proclaimed one of them as his official queen), besides in the world of the minor-principalities the widow of the last manek/raja of Diu on Rote island and on the same island the 4th wife of the last ruling manek/raja of Keka(but both were officially only then ruling as civil district rulers). The good God gave Ratu Dona Martina a long life,  so that also the people saw,that royal rule and royal dynasty is not something from the past only,but also gave that warm extra in the life for so many people.She was still respected highly also by local politicians;even candidates from her area,who wanted to become governor of the local province Nusa Tenggara Timur,who sought her blessing for their political campaighn. Like everyhwere on the world espacially in the agricultural areas the dynasties are still respected highly. When she died 16 september 2013 all people were shocked and had honest grieve about it, but also were amazed,that the good God had given her so many years in her life:93 years. During big ceremonies witnessed and attended by an enormous amout of people,the old and formost sweet queen(called with love by the local people and politicians:Mama Ratu:our queen and mother)Dona Martina Kinena Diaz Vieira Godinho-Ximenes da Silva of Larantuka was burried the 19th of september in her roal town of Larantuka, where she had lived for 75 years as the queen of Larantuka. Now there are not really queens of the old time anymore.For sure she was the last queen of Indonesia of the really old time before the 2nd world war,before the independence struggle,when the life;also for the Indonesian dynasties,was quite different and still ruling their areas like their ancestors had done for several centuries. May the present raja of Larantuka;Raja Don Andre III Marthinus Diaz Vieira Godinho, that other appearing representative of the dynasty:Raja Muda Don Emanuel Patigolo Diaz Vieira Godinho,never forget the style of living of this big queen of Larantuka,who was big in her humbleness and true and honest heart. May she now has found the eternal peace in the hands of our God. Amin.

D.P. Tick gMK.
I. Festivana

Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Indonesia Ibarat Cermin Retak Citra Indonesia

Economic conditions in Indonesia in general has not yet improved. Performance ofthe reform has not felt the people. Consequently there is no certainty. Social upheavals and pragmatism hit innocent people. Ironically emerging separatist, worse still there want to be independent andseparated from the motherland's lap.
In fact the people during these leadership need strong, decisive, pro-democracyand pro-people.
That's what makes concerned Raja Sultan Iskandar Sultan Machmud Badaruddin of Palembang Darussalam.
"I am concerned about the current condition of Indonesia. Indonesia is now is like acracked mirror, "said Iskandar was appointed as Chairman of the Foundation afterRaja Sultan Nusantara (YARASUTRA), Wednesday (21/12/2011) night in Jakarta.
The event was attended 100 King and the Sultan from all over Indonesia, the presidents and a number of ambassadors of friendly countries.
"Therefore, I urge the government to invite us to solve various problems for the sakeof progress and prosperity of this country." He said.
The King also called on the government through (Regional Assistance Government Budget) budget provide a specific budget to the King and the Sultan who has beencredited for his contribution forerunner to the establishment of Indonesia.
"I ask this proposal because not all the king Sultan's present economic condition ofboth. I even heard of King Sultan who come here (Jakarta, red) for his personalexpenses had to sell cows, "he said.
Alluding to the formation of YARASUTRA, Alexander insists the election was notpolitical aims.
"YARASUTRA founded one of his goals as a front line to preserve the culture of Indonesia. We are committed to the advancement and prosperity of the Republic of Indonesia (Homeland), "he explained. (him)

Senin, 07 November 2011

Descendant of the Napoleon of the island of rajas installed

West of the island of Timor lies the Rote islands,which archipelago consists of the main island of Rote,the island of Ndao and several other;unhabited;islands.
Once this archipelago had 19 principalities,so it was once the most densily with principalities populated area of Indonesia.
It has a surface of ca. 1214 km2 with now ca. 120.000 people.Apart from the many Rote people living on Timor and elsehwere in the province of NTT and more further.
The principalities differed in size,amount of people and years of existence.
But one principality came back in the history of this archipelago as an ambtious area:the nusak,or principality of Termanu.
Several times it's rulers tried to unite the raja rule of the whole archipelago of Rote Ndao under it's rule,but always in vain.The last time it was really tried was during the rule of the 16th raja: Manek Mauk Amalo(1820-1827).Because of acting with to much passion he was deposed and exiled from the island.After a raja from a side-line and several short rules,they found it better to call back the strong,but before aggressive ex-raja,who now had become a Christian and used his name,which he already had before as a crownprince:Daniel Johannes Mauk Amalo
He had done good service in between for Holland in a battle with another ambitious raja:the manek of the quite good populated principality of Dengka.
So from 1840 he was again the manek of Termanu.But he maybe had changed his old religion,but his ruling ambitions still wandered in his mind and now with more idealism he tried to make one kingdom of the Rote islands:a normal process we can see all over the world.
But the way he tried to reach it was not liked by the then paramount power in the area:Holland.
They disapproved his brutal way of acting and other matters.So in februari 1843 he was again deposed and exiled.This time to Ambon and later with his oldest son to Surabaya.
His clan was removed from Rote,because then being to influential stil.
For some time the rule was returned to the previous side/line of the dynasty,but in 1860 returning to the Amalo branch and that remained so mostly until the present time( as son of the brother of Ex-manek Mauk Amalo became the new manek in 1859).
From ca. 1910 espacially Holland tried to unite a lot of little principalities on Rote and elsewhere in Indonesia to have a more beter coördination and overview over each area.On Rote the 19 different dynasties now became sub-district rulers under a paramount ruler.
The Amalo dynasty then still for all kind of reasons was seen as a dynasty,who could deliver a good candidate for the paramount rule:Crownprince Jacob Amalo in the last part of the unification already.
But most of the other 18 dynasties were much against a paramount rule of the before seen as the Napoleon dynasty of Rote.Already for long the characteristics of this dynasty had changed, but stll the old fears were there,not in the least by the 3 dynasties,who had seperated themselves from Termanu in ca. 1772.
For some reasons even Prince Jacob Amalo never became a manek of Termanu.His youngest brother Ernst Johannis Jeremias Michiel Amalo became in 1947 finally the manek of Termanu,from 1914-1946 Termanu was ruled by his uncle and 2 of his cousins(sons of that uncle).
The facts,that Prince Ernst Amalo became manek was in fact the following of an old rule,to let the raja as much as possible be succeeded by his youngest son(so that the rule would be stable,because a young raja would enable a long rule,a vast succesion of rajas would produce an unstable atmosphere).
From 1912 the rajas of Termanu also were the districtchiefs of Lomakoli and in 1918 that district was enlarged to a bigger district called Rote Talada.
From before 1928 Holland then first asked a prince of the manek dynasty of OEpao to be the government raja of the Rote islands.This trully Christian protestant priest was known as a peacemaker above to serve him as a raja.
So then they found a colonial official,who was member of the vice-raja clan of the oldest principality on Rote:Joël Simon Kedoh from Landu.
It was the good,that he married the sister of the later Manek Ernst Amalo,because then he would be better accepted and respected by the rajas.
Manek Ernst Amalo ruled in fact only really in Termanu until 1963,because,although Rote was a bit decentralised later,after ca. 1930,at the end there were sill some districts.
Manek Ernst Amalo was such a districtruler from 1963-1966;represented locally in Termanu by his sub-raja,or fettor called Franz Biredoko.
In 1966,the time,when more and more the raja governments on these islands ceased to exist sem-offically and officially,he choose to make a carrier in the regional politics.
He was succeeded until 1970 by the son of his brother Migel/Michiel:Manek John Amalo(already deceased before 2000).
Also on the Rote islands the government and society had reorientated themselves on the values of the traditional local social systems from ca. 2000,as elsewhere in Indonesia,to be stimulated and enabled by the national deenrtaliaton laws of 1999 and by oher central regulated matters .
Many good values in it were rediscovered.Total harmonious society was hoped for.
On 14-10-2007 the oldest son of the last regarded real elected manek of Termanu;Manek Ernst Amalo(Manek John Amalo was more see as a temporary replacement of him,because his uncle was still alive(and died only in 1984))Prince Soleman Jermias Miquel Amalo was installed as the dynastychief of Temanu and his brother Joel J.M. Amalo as the crownprince.In 2004 the dynastychief was already regarded semi-officially as dynastychief,but his bad health already gave the idea better later to make is brother Prince Joël the new manek.
In 2007 they stil wanted to give the oldest son of the last real manek the honour to function officially as dynastychief,but in 2011 he would make place for his brother Prince Joël Amalo.
So on 15-10-2011 after more than 60 years again a new chosen manek was installed by the council of 16(the present coördinator was the former first mayor of Kupang city,Prince Messakh Amalo.)
In fact the total installation days;before,during and after the actual installation;was open for many people,the actual installation day for everybody,but in fact they had kept it a more innerdynastic affair.
So the other 18 dynasties of Rote Ndao were attending on a representative basis by Manek Reverend Soleman Zacharias of Loleh,the local government by Vice-Governor Drs. Esthon Foenay of the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur and by Camat(sub-districtchief) Drs. Jhon Nite of Rote Tengah(Middle- Rote) with their delegations.
The provincial royalty was represented by Raja/Usif Leopold Isu Nisnoni of Kupang(his mother was the sister of Manek Ernst Amalo),Usif Drs. Theodorus Taolin of Insana/Timor(his sister is married with the first mayor of Kupang city;Prince Messakh Amalo,being the son of a former regent- raja of Termanu),Raja Michael Bria;vice-liurai of Malakka/Belu/Timor and Liurai Joseph Seran of Waiwiku/Belu/Timor.
Manek Joël Jermias Miquel Amalo is for long known as a member of the local parliament of the district of Kupang,of which until not so long ago Rote Ndao was a part.
The Rote people are known for being quite sobre in their ceremonies,so after some welcome and other dances for the high guests and the to be installed raja,there was only a relative simple ceremony,wich made him the new manek of Termanu.The list of the rajas was mentioned.Termanu was before ruled by 34 rajas,of which a few were temporary rajas, and only a some from outside the dynasty.The first raja was Ma Bulan and before him the ruling clan know 15 more names of ancestors,who not lived on Rote.
Also the glory of the dynasty was mentioned and the history of the nusak,or principality mentioned as well.
Then the statedagger,or keris,belonging to each of the to be installed maneks of Termanu,then was handed over to him and also a nice decorated box in which was laid the Bible on which the dynasty had promessed since 1827 to found their rule upon.The before very ambitious last Napoleon of Rote Ndao,Mau Amalo(deposed for the first time in 1827) was the last non-Christian manek of Termanu.
After the blessing by the protestant priest and praying to the Almighty he was the new manek of Termanu.Of course also he weared the special local woven traditional clothes as well the ti ilanga;a hat special from Rote, made by natural material and inspirated by the 16th century Portugese hats,which were on Rote Ndao before the Dutch people.From a hat,you can see from which area the owner is and what is his function in society.(The Ti langa is als a symbol of the Rote Ndao islands and also used a bit as a symbol in the local province of NTT).
Also this installation also can be seen as the first real open installation of a manek,or dynastychief of a nusak ,or area of Rote Ndao in the so-called modern time.Before also in Thie,Loleh,Baa,Landu and some others areas a new manek,or dynastychief was installed,but only in more innerdynastic ceremonies..
May the example of Termanu to preserve the good things in the traditional social system(also a holy advise by the Almighty)be followed by the other dynasties of Rote Ndao islands,before known not also as the most densily by principalities populated area,but also as the area,where the rajas ceased as the last one's in Indonesia to rule as a raja or by rajas in fact.

D.P. Tick gMK
I. Festivana

Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Hero of the cultural restoration of the Indonesian kings died

Once there was a man,who had the name Kanjeng Pangeran Haryo Gunarso Kusumodingrat;belonging to the Imperial Court of Surakarta on Java.
He was a journalist from origin and a personal secretary of Susuhunan Paku Buwono XII of Surakarta;the highest monarch of Indonesia.
This Prince Gunarso had promessed once in his life to dedicate himself to the cultural restoration of the Indonesian royal culture (300 dynasties in Indonesia).
He did that as no one else could do with a lot of results.
The biggest result, that some years ago the Indonesian government recognized again all the ca. 300 dynasties of Indonesia again and ordered the local governments to protect and support the royal local culture.
When you thought of Prince Gunarso you thought of the Indonesian kings.
Yes;he really gave his life;really to the end. His family, his religion and his royal dedication were the goals to where his spirit went to.
Many fruits he could take from his continuous hard work.
Supported by his family.

Only the last years he suffered from stomachcancer.
Suddenly also God called him home at the 28th of july 2011.
He was burried in Jakarta.
No matter, who we are:let we never forget this hero of the cultural restoration of the Indonesian kings.Without him we never would be that far as we are

May the Good God receive him in the eternal life and send comfort for his family.

Selamat jalan our dear friend. We shall NEVER forget you!

I. Festivana
D.P. Tick gRMK

Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Meeting of all rajas of W-Timor

Also in Timor the social resurrection of the local dynasties take place.

A new step in this process is the meeting of all the rajas and many fettors(sub-rajas)of the areas of West-Timor, or Timor Loro Manu.

It will take place;a bit under the support of the provincial government of Nusa Tenggara Timur(NTT);in the compound of the Sonaf Banam, or the palacecompound of Raja Nesy Nope of Amanuban in Niki Niki,not so far from the provincial capital Kupang.

It will take place from 10-12 june.

The first day will be the ceremonial welcome greeting and welcome festivites for all the rajas and fettors and their delegations,the 2nd day will be the conference of the dynasties with the provincial government and some researchers and the 3rd day will be the ceremonial farewell day for all the attending delegations.

It will be an unique royal meeting,that hardly in history has taken place before. It will be very colourfull also,because all the rajas and fettors and their delegations will arrive in the traditional royal and nobility clothes and decorated with the same kind of jewelry.

Timor is known as one of the last placesof Indonesia, where the traditional life is so strong preserved, so it will be a very original cultural event as well.

The event will be organised by the Dewan Usif Timor,or the Council of Rajas of Timor,of which Usif Drs. Theodorus(Olis)Taolin of Insana is the president and Raja Leopold Isu Nisnoni of Kupang;also liurai of Sonbai Kecil is the vice-president.

Of course also the vice-governor of NTT,Fettor Drs. Esthon L. Foenay;the dynastychief of Foenay;a member area of the federal monarchistic area of Kupang, will attend. One of the main issues spoken there at the conference day 11 june is to define again, which dignitaries can be described as rajas, which as sub-rajas,or fettors and the like.

Because of the so-called modern time the functioning of the traditional social system was a bit becoming more vague,so the correct definition of the dignitaries here were not always according the facts.

Of course a social system is never a death,standing still system,but to try to make things for outsiders more understandable every dignitary began to use the title raja,or king for him/herself and the bigger coöperation systems because of that were a little bit pushed aside.

To correct that in good coördination,so to make strong the social systems again for the well-being of Timor and via that for the well-being of Indonesia also of course,they decided to organise this unique meeting.

The last years the traditional,historical grown social systems are rediscovered by the so-called modern world as having also good elements for the well-being of the local population.

To have a more stronger identity and a more harmonious life locally,it will be more easy to find your place in the bigger system of the beloved united republic of Indonesia,so that the words added to the national coat of arms:Bhineka Tunggal Ika:Unity in Diversity;can be better made.

We hope in due time to give you an illustrated info about the meeting of all the dynasties of W-Timor.

I. Festivana

D.P. Tick gRMK

Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

Sultan of Banjarmasin promotes Indonesian culture in Europe

On the 25th of may 2011 Holland witnessed a very rare and interesting event:an

Indonesian sultan showed his age-old royal dance- and music culture to the European audience. On that day the 53th Indonesian Fair in Holland;called Tong Tong Fair;the biggest Indonesian Fair in Holland with every year ca. 150.000 visitors;was opened with for instance the first of several performances of age-old ceremonial royal dance- and music performances.

It is known,that the Banjarmasin performances in this field are nowadays every genuine and not adapted to the so-called modern taste.

This real culture went directly into the heart of the European audience,because the audience showed a very enthousiatic reaction to it.
Sultan Khairul Saleh of Banjarmasin;also the bupati of Banjar,is already for more than 10 years very busy is trying to revive the Banjarmasin culture in general and the royal culture in special.In that he is very succesfull.He is now also busy in trying to resurrect the last having existed sultan's palace of Banjarmasin.

His total project to promote Indonesian culture in Europe was reasonable effective;also because European people are espacially interested in the old culture and history of Indonesia.

The emeralds,diamonds,original still existing culture,history and culinary traditions were the aspects of Banjarmasin in this promotion project.

Banjarmasin has the potention to become a sort of 2nd Yogjakarta of tourism.

I should add another important aspect of Banjarmasin:honest religious. which not makes them a fundamentalistic people,but a people with love in their heart. Many people in the world call the Banjarmasin people:the people with love in their heart.

The sultan tried in Holland also to contact the diamondmuseum in Amsterdam(Amsterdam is one of the major diamond business towns in the world and Banjarmasin is the most important diamond and the like areas of Indonesia), the national Holland organisation of nobility (to exchange experiences between Indonesian royalty and European nobility) and cultural institutes.

Besides the sultan and his cultural and royal delegation of 60 people(including his sultana,crownprince,daughter and younger brother),also Pangeran Paku Alam IX of Pakualaman in the Yogjakarta area sended a royal cultural delegation to the Tong Tong Fair.

They also left behind a big impression,which will last because during the whole TTF they will give until 5 june several performances;like the royal Banjarmasin dance- and music group.

It is good to know,that people like Sultan Khairul Saleh of Banjarmasin has now discovered,that half of the potensi of the Indonesian areas for tourism lies in presenting true and original (royal)culture to f.i. the European visitors and in their own areas trying to be strong to stimulate the performance of it.

In the so-called global modern world the people are more and more seeking for local real traditional culture,which contains more the heart and the love of the people.

We shall keep on following the good ideas and projects of Indonesian kings like Sultan Khairul Saleh of Banjarmasin;the bupati of Banjar,who only tries to use the by God given talents to show the pleasure for live in his own general and royal culture.

I. Festivana
D.P. Tick gRMK