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Jumat, 21 November 2008

Festival Keraton Nusantara Gowa VI, 14 - 17 November 2008

(Property of Humas Kabupaten Kutai Kertanegara)

On the picture with a king with long hair,you see more kings:Sultan with
long hair is Sultan Iskandar Muhammad Badaruddin;the Secretary-General of
the Associasi Kerajaan Keraton Nusantara. Maybe the man in red clothes also(next to royal couple of Ternate(Ternate is older man with white cap, wife is left
to him, then that raja of Lampung)is probably Sutan Edward Syah Pernong of
On other picture you see the crownprince of Cirebon-Kasepuhan sitting on
the right : Pangeran Raja Adipati Arief Natadingrat.
Other Man is the Raja of Sekalabrah/Lampung. Also the
man sitting to the right of the crownprince of Kutai (in white clothes) with
then red little turban on, looking like a prince from Bali.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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