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Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

New royal again candidate for the highest govertment post

Again in one of the areas of Indonesia there is a royal, who is candidate for the highest governmentpost in an area, where his foreathers were before ruling as rajas.
This time it is Tengku Iklik Iljas Leube. He is candidate-bupati of the district of Aceh-Tengah
(Middle-Aceh) for 2012-2017.
His father is Tengku Haji Iljas Leube;a former minister of state and his father is Kejuruen
Sasa Ama-n Thalib, who was from 1929 the last ruling kejuruen,or raja of Linggö/Lingga.
That was a quite important principality in Middle-Acehin the Gayo-Alas area.
Before it was chosen by the sultan of Aceh to be one of his representatives in the area.

The kejuruen dynasty of Linggö is said to be related to the dynasty of the sibayaks of Lingga in the Karo-Batak area, has something to do with the Lingga part of the sultanate of Riau-Lingga and with the little political entity Linggi in Negri Sembilan/Malaysia.

Now he can function again a bit like this.
We will follow with interest this matter.