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Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

East Kings Assemble at the Palace Nisnoni (Kupang)

A number of kings in Timor, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Wednesday, gathered at the Palace of King Nisnoni, Kupang, in order to equate the views for the sake of development after the royal status removed in the government system of Indonesia in the 1960s.
Vice Governor of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Eshton Leyloh Foenay who also became heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Helong, one of the kingdom in Kupang, opened it and direct the activities involved in the dialogue, which was also attended by a number of foreign researchers, historians, artists, culture, the "vetor "or the local king and" temukung "or extension of the local kings, as well as residents.
The heir to the throne in the East who formerly attended, among others Rai Liu (King) of Malacca from the Kingdom Wehali in Belu Michael Bria, Usif (King) Nesi Nope of Niki-Niki, Usif Simon Oematan from Molo, both from the East South Central, Eshton Leyloh Foenay who is also Deputy Governor of the NTT from the kingdom and a number of temukung Helong in Timor.

They were received at the Palace of the King or known by Sonaf Nisnoni in Kupang with oversized clothes each, with regional dances, beat drums and gongs welcomed the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Kupang Nisnoni Nicolas Leopold.
Appeared, the king sat in a chair that had been prepared, while in front of them, there are dozens of various neighborhoods temukung sitting cross-legged on mats on the ground dibentang, also with their respective customary clothes.
Royal ceremonial atmosphere like the past, enjoy the treat of betel nut in the container of woven palm leaves.
The more traditional atmosphere thicker, because a small food treat for guests is also composed of local food, like sweet wine, young coconut, corn, potatoes, in containers of a kind mother-of-pearl woven palm trees that usually grow in the East.
One of the important things in the dialogue of the kings dipercakapkan Timor is a part in modern development and participation in the Forum Gathering of Kraton Nusantara.
Deputy Governor of NTT Esthon Leyloh Foenay when opening the meeting to request that the king closer to the people, know what the wants and needs of the people and become a role model.
"The kings should be a role model for people, because without people, there would be no king," he said.

Because the presence of Deputy Governor at once became heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Helong, Eston also appeared with oversized clothes as one of the kings of Timor.*

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