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Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

Meeting of all rajas of W-Timor

Also in Timor the social resurrection of the local dynasties take place.

A new step in this process is the meeting of all the rajas and many fettors(sub-rajas)of the areas of West-Timor, or Timor Loro Manu.

It will take place;a bit under the support of the provincial government of Nusa Tenggara Timur(NTT);in the compound of the Sonaf Banam, or the palacecompound of Raja Nesy Nope of Amanuban in Niki Niki,not so far from the provincial capital Kupang.

It will take place from 10-12 june.

The first day will be the ceremonial welcome greeting and welcome festivites for all the rajas and fettors and their delegations,the 2nd day will be the conference of the dynasties with the provincial government and some researchers and the 3rd day will be the ceremonial farewell day for all the attending delegations.

It will be an unique royal meeting,that hardly in history has taken place before. It will be very colourfull also,because all the rajas and fettors and their delegations will arrive in the traditional royal and nobility clothes and decorated with the same kind of jewelry.

Timor is known as one of the last placesof Indonesia, where the traditional life is so strong preserved, so it will be a very original cultural event as well.

The event will be organised by the Dewan Usif Timor,or the Council of Rajas of Timor,of which Usif Drs. Theodorus(Olis)Taolin of Insana is the president and Raja Leopold Isu Nisnoni of Kupang;also liurai of Sonbai Kecil is the vice-president.

Of course also the vice-governor of NTT,Fettor Drs. Esthon L. Foenay;the dynastychief of Foenay;a member area of the federal monarchistic area of Kupang, will attend. One of the main issues spoken there at the conference day 11 june is to define again, which dignitaries can be described as rajas, which as sub-rajas,or fettors and the like.

Because of the so-called modern time the functioning of the traditional social system was a bit becoming more vague,so the correct definition of the dignitaries here were not always according the facts.

Of course a social system is never a death,standing still system,but to try to make things for outsiders more understandable every dignitary began to use the title raja,or king for him/herself and the bigger coöperation systems because of that were a little bit pushed aside.

To correct that in good coördination,so to make strong the social systems again for the well-being of Timor and via that for the well-being of Indonesia also of course,they decided to organise this unique meeting.

The last years the traditional,historical grown social systems are rediscovered by the so-called modern world as having also good elements for the well-being of the local population.

To have a more stronger identity and a more harmonious life locally,it will be more easy to find your place in the bigger system of the beloved united republic of Indonesia,so that the words added to the national coat of arms:Bhineka Tunggal Ika:Unity in Diversity;can be better made.

We hope in due time to give you an illustrated info about the meeting of all the dynasties of W-Timor.

I. Festivana

D.P. Tick gRMK