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Jumat, 16 April 2010

Max Nico; son of Sultan Hamid II after 22 Years No Visit to Pontianak

Monday, April 12, 2010, 07:59:00

Childhood Relived, Crying When Visit the Tomb of Father

Hospitality: Max Prince Nico with his wife during a dialogue with the Sultan of Pontianak Sy. Abu Bakr Alkadrie Kadariah Palace, Pontianak, last night.

The atmosphere Kadariah Palace Pontianak, last night seemed so festive. Seen relatives gathered in the living room palace built by Sharif Abdurrachman Alkadrie in 1771 AD. Excitement that greeted the arrival of Sultan Hamid II's youngest son, Joseph, son of Sultan Sharif Hamid II, who was called Max Nico familiar. Although the Indonesian language is very minimal due to the length of stay in the land of windmills, but the conversations on the night it looked familiar. Some of the royal family are also many who speak fluent Dutch and English. Big in Holland, not forgetting to make Max Nico land of his fathers. Even according to the man who was born in Malang, January 11, 1942, the arrival to the city of Pontianak is awaited, after 22 years did not set foot in this equatorial city.

One by one, Max's relatives greeted Kadariah Palace and his wife. Not even a little of them crying, touched by seeing the arrival of Max. Meanwhile, Max and his own wife could not menyumbunyikan their compassion and happiness. "I've always longed to come to Pontianak. When set foot here, I already feel that this is my home, "said Max.Max tell you, coming to the city of Pontianak was already planned. By using a travel journey that ought to Jakarta, dimanfatkan Max and his wife visit to Pontianak. So that is time limited, the actually utilized to learn more about the history of the city of Pontianak. "Actually I wanted to stay very long. But because it follows the journey the travel, then only one week only. So Wednesday (14 / 4) before I had to go home, "he said.

He added again, many things at get it in Pontianak since his arrival last. Because up until now, he only knows the information about the City of Pontiac through his mother who is currently still in the Netherlands, and via the internet. Addition to meeting close relatives, previously on Friday (9 / 4) with the sovereign, he is also the time to visit his father's grave is located in Batu Layang funeral. The next day, he visited the tomb Juang foreman. "A lot of things that I got here. Like to see relatives, and visit the grave of my father, as well as to the Graveyard Juang foreman, makes me feel touched. So much so that my tears, especially when visiting the tomb of his father, "said Max, who is currently working in Holland as a psychologist.

According to the Sultan of Pontianak, Alkadrie Sharif Abu Bakar, who is a cousin of Max Nico, the son of Sultan Hamid's arrival was welcomed by courtiers. Since Max is the closest relative of the kingdom, where he was a son of the king's palace Kadariah Pontiac, and had not visited the city of Pontianak. "He was the last to the city of Pontianak on the death of Sultan Hamid in 1978. But then, he had only one week in Pontiac, and immediately returned to the Netherlands, "said Sy. Abu Bakr Alkadrie.

Nevertheless, the Sultan said, she could feel her childhood with Max. At the time of Sultan Hamid II, Sultan's Palace is still as Kadariah. "I remember watching him circumcised here, and is celebrated in this palace," said Sultan.Oleh therefore, take advantage of the moment of arrival of Max Nico, Sultan Palace Kadariah relatives gather, to bersilaturami , because the Sultan sure all the relatives really wanted to meet with Max. "The proof of all the relatives are gathered here. Blend into one. Telling about an old story to make us feel happy. Hopefully his arrival can again be repeated in future, "said Sultan.

All Document and Picture are translate and taken from Pontianak Post Newspaper

Translate from Bahasa by :
I. Festivana
Donald P. Tick

Selasa, 13 April 2010

Royalty of Indonesia continues to preserve the age old culture

On 6 and 7 march the many dynasties and ruling families members of the Forum Silaturhami Keraton se Nusantara;one of the leading royal organisation of Indonesia, came together in Jakarta for a conference about the preservance of the age old culture (and history) of the dynasties amongst others.
It was good to see, that still these respected persons try to find the strength to work for this important goal.
Although there are several organisations of representation of the dynasties and ruling families in Indonesia, it is good to see,that these organisations still try to find some ways to keep contact with each other.
One of the themes during these days was the royal wedding culture of Indonesia.
In october 2010 the 2nd Indonesian Royal Palace Festival will take place in Jakarta, for which also representatives of European national nobility organisations showed interest.
These organisations have a big interest to exchange experiences as royalty/nobility in the modern time with the Indonesian royalty.

We wish them all strenght because of the Blessings of the Loving God.

I. Festivana
D.P. Tick gRMK