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Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Indonesia Ibarat Cermin Retak Citra Indonesia

Economic conditions in Indonesia in general has not yet improved. Performance ofthe reform has not felt the people. Consequently there is no certainty. Social upheavals and pragmatism hit innocent people. Ironically emerging separatist, worse still there want to be independent andseparated from the motherland's lap.
In fact the people during these leadership need strong, decisive, pro-democracyand pro-people.
That's what makes concerned Raja Sultan Iskandar Sultan Machmud Badaruddin of Palembang Darussalam.
"I am concerned about the current condition of Indonesia. Indonesia is now is like acracked mirror, "said Iskandar was appointed as Chairman of the Foundation afterRaja Sultan Nusantara (YARASUTRA), Wednesday (21/12/2011) night in Jakarta.
The event was attended 100 King and the Sultan from all over Indonesia, the presidents and a number of ambassadors of friendly countries.
"Therefore, I urge the government to invite us to solve various problems for the sakeof progress and prosperity of this country." He said.
The King also called on the government through (Regional Assistance Government Budget) budget provide a specific budget to the King and the Sultan who has beencredited for his contribution forerunner to the establishment of Indonesia.
"I ask this proposal because not all the king Sultan's present economic condition ofboth. I even heard of King Sultan who come here (Jakarta, red) for his personalexpenses had to sell cows, "he said.
Alluding to the formation of YARASUTRA, Alexander insists the election was notpolitical aims.
"YARASUTRA founded one of his goals as a front line to preserve the culture of Indonesia. We are committed to the advancement and prosperity of the Republic of Indonesia (Homeland), "he explained. (him)