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Sabtu, 09 April 2011


On the 3rd of april 2011 an extraordinary thing happened near the palace
of an Indonesian king:he made a world record!
Also the first time,that an Indonesian king made a world record.On that day
the charismatic Sultan Mudafar Syah II of Ternate(full title:Sultan Drs.
Mudafar Syah II Masjur Kamo Lano;king since 1975;one of the first kings,who
dared to come forward again fully as a king in modern tme Indonesia)had asked
his people to perform the traditional local dances before his palace at one
time all together to express the gratitude,that he became 76 years on that
Already the sultan of Ternate was known for his courage to perform certain
matters before;really become internationally known a such,when he was in
1987 one of the first of the 300 Indonesian monarchs,who dared to let fully
do the coronation ceremonies for his coronation;a thing before considered
as an unwanted thing from the past.
This year again Sultan Mudafar Syah II organised the Legu Kam royal festival;
a festival taking place from the 1st to the 15th april;celebrating his birthday.
This festival was reorganised since some years,being also a major touristic
happening in the North-Moluccans.
The sultan wanted to do something special now,so he could make it happen,that
on 3 april 2011 8.200 of his people danced at one time for him all in the
clothes of servants of the royal court;partly accompagnied by in the same
royal court manner dressed traditional musicians.All taking place on the
field before the royal palace.
When the dance was finished and all the number of people participating in
the dance were controlled,the sultan and his sultana Dra. Nita Budhi Susanti
Syah could receive an official document from a to the Guiness Book of Records
attached official,that the Sultan of Ternate had broken a world record for
dancing with such a hugue amount of people at one time.
This matter also made a strong point of identity of the Ternate people towards
their king and a good promotion of the North-Moluccan culture internationally.

With thanks to Gusti Maulana of the royal court of Ternate to give us this

D.P. Tick gRMK


Again the present need of Indonesian people to see their need for their local
identity fullfilled again happened on 6 april 2011.Then His Highness Prince
Drs. Haji Longki Djanggola;MSi of Palu,bupati of Parigi Moutong from 2008,was
elected as the new governor of Middle Sulawesi (Sulawesi Tenggah).
Befoe that he was already a settled and experienced politician.
He is coming from the direct line of the magau(raja)dynasty of Palu.
He is the son of Prince Yoto Djanggola,who is the oldest son of Magau Djanggola,who
ruled 19218-died 1945.A son of a younger brother of this raja then was ruling
for a while.The father of Magau Djanggola was Prince Lapariusi,who was the
oldest son of Magau Yojokodi Tomesiema,who ruled 1876-1906.Because Prince
Lapariusi was sick at the time his father died,his younger brother Parampasi
ruled n his place.
The line Magau Yojokodi can be drawn back more generations.Sometimes a sideline
ruled for a while.
One of the fellow candidates of the governorship of Sualwesi Tengah is another
royal bupati of this area:Drs. Haji Mohammad Maruf Bantilan;son of the last
ruling Magau of Toli Toli;MagauHaji Mohammad Yahya Bantilan(1926-29,1944-46,
1957-19..).Although he gave the raja title to his uncle Magau Haji Anwar
Bantilan,because of his political career,he is the actual magau of Toli Toli
and very popular in his area.

Hopefully the new governor will rule with wisdom.

DP Tick gRMK
I. Festiviana

Rabu, 06 April 2011

Delayed 36 Years, Coronation of the Sultan of Sumbawa Attended by Thousands

Sultan Sumbawa XVII, Daeng Muhammad Abdurrahman Kaharuddin

Mataram - Thousands of residents flooded the arena of the coronation of the Sultan of Sumbawa XVII, Daeng Muhammad Abdurrahman Kaharuddin, in Sumbawa Besar, Sumbawa.
Coronation was delayed 36 years. This is the sultan's coronation in 80 years.

Marked by the customary coronation procession which started on Monday (05/04/2011) morning. Paraded from the Palace Sultan Yellow Bala, along empress use a litter with yellow decorations, called July. Since early morning, the bell at the palace was struck, marking the traditional start of the procession.

Emperor and empress, Andi Tenri Djadjah Burhanuddin paraded while accompanied by troops armed with a lance and the district chief's palace, with typical tambourine music Sumbawa. Together empress Bala Yellow Emperor out of the palace with readings Shalawat Prophet Muhammad.

Thousands of people thronged both sides of Jl Dr Wahidin and Jl Sudirman, protocol roads sultan's entourage passed. The group moved from the Palace to the Palace of the Yellow Army Loka, wooden palace of the Sultanate of Sumbawa in 1885 made earlier.

In the old palace, the Sultan and Permisuri a short break, before heading to the Great Mosque Nurul Huda, where the coronation took place.

In addition to the community, the coronation ceremony attended by several kings, including King of Denpasar IX, King Niki Niki, South Central Timor, NTT, King of Gowa, South Sulawesi, and also Gusti Hemas Queen of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta.

Governor of NTB, M Zainul Majdi with provincial government officials and the Sumbawa and West Sumbawa regency is also present in the arena of the coronation. Sultanate of Sumbawa includes West Sumbawa and Sumbawa.

In the Great Mosque, the coronation of the sultan was not done by taking the oath, but Sultan recited his oath itself with Arabic Imam witnessed the Great Mosque.

Sultan vowed as a man who was destined as the Sultan. It contained, among others, when the Sultan was not fair then he would be cursed Al Quran 30 Juz. After the oath, the Sultan inaugurated next board Adat Tana Samawa.

Sultan's coronation was the first since 80 years ago. This is the first coronation since the Sultanate of Sumbawa states joined in a united Indonesia. Should the Sultan ascended the throne in 1975 ago, shortly after his father Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin III died. But the sultan's coronation when it was decided postponed.

Sultan spent much time outside the island of Sumbawa. He's a career at Bank Bumi Daya, before it merged into the Bank Madiri. In the state-owned bank, the last Sultan as Executive Vice President, and retired in 1998.


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