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Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Limited authority for Yogya’s sultan in new bill

Limited authority for Yogya’s sultan in new bill

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Fri, 12/03/2010 9:01 PM | National

Limitations would be placed on the authority of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X should he accept the proposed status of parardhya as stated in the bill on Yogyakarta’s special status, an official says.

The daily work of the administration will be handled by an elected governor.

“[The sultan] will retain the privilege of handling cultural affairs and land matters. The sultan will [handle] all matters outside the administration, so his authority will be limited,” the Home Ministry’s director general of regional autonomy Djohermansyah Djohan said, as quoted by

Djohermansyah said administrative work would be done by the administration together with the city council. “But, the sultan’s status is higher [than the governor] since the elected governor will be installed by the sultan.”

He said the sultan could run for governor if he wanted to.

“[The sultan] can run in the race, but we’ve never seen a sultan anywhere running for election,” he said.

Djohermansyah said the draft bill would be completed by Monday of next week.

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Sultan Serdang;the king of the historians of Indonesia;died.

His father Sultan Sulaiman Syariful Alamsyah of Serdang/East-Sumatra (ruling 1879-1946) was known as the constant rebel, but not as the enemy of the East-Indish Government.
He was known as a principal person,always having full love for his people.
He was succeeded by his brothers T. Rajah Anwar (died 1960) and Tuanku Abunawar (-2001);followed by the greatest historians of Indonesia of the modern time:
Tengku Luckman Sinar;since 22-6-2002 Sultan Bashar Syah II.
Because of being a diaberts he had heartproblems since medio 2010. A few days ago he went in to coma and after much praying by his family and many other people the Almighty and Loving God decided to bring him Home.
he is the symbol of the strict hardworking researches about the royal histories and cultures of Indonesia and what realistic roles it could play in the so-called modern Indonesia.
Until his death he was working hard form that goal.
Spending a lot of his own money to find usefull information and sharing it with others about these matters.
His last big project was making his father Sultan Sulaiman a national hero;not only a hero of the Indonesian freedom, but also because of the love for and dedication to his people.

Like his father he was always complete neutral in all matters.
Always supported by his wife Sultanan Daratul Qamar and his children,who all in their own way chared the love of the history and culture of the Melayu world.
For sure they will be his true succesors in this.

May the King of history of Indonesia of this time;
the Kings of Serdang Sultan Luckman Sinar Basahr Syah II;
has received his Eternal Peace now.

All thoughts go to his kerabat and the people of Serdang.

May as much as possible kings of Indonesia go to his funeral;
to this trully king of the revival of a meaning full royal touch in the so-called modern life of Indonesia.


DP Tick gRMK
I. Festivana

Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

Coronation Sultan of Sumbawa

H. Daeng MA Kaharuddin officially designated as the Sultan of Sumbawa with the title of Sultan Kaharudin IV. Determination was made through Musakara Rea Institute of Indigenous Tana Samawa 2011 workshop held at the Palace of 8 to 10 January 2011. In this activity all the elements of community representatives from the two districts of West Sumbawa and Sumbawa agree with the proposed DMA Kaharudin as the Sultan of Sumbawa.
Based on the assessment letter inaugural number: 05/MR-LATS/2.1/1432.2011 dated 10 January 2011 or 6 traveling Sultan of Sumbawa in 1432 on the inaugural set, DMA Kaharudin confirmed as the Sultan of Sumbawa with the title Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin IV. In an assessment is also outlined the duties and responsibilities as sovereign among other things, mandated to be able to preserve and develop indigenous tana Samawa, also towards the achievement of tana Samawa religious society, modern and democratic.
Assessment letter was read out at the end of the event Musakara Rea by mohammad Syaikhu Rauf promptly at 16:45 pm.
Various considerations are also presented in the decision letter include the appointment of DMA Kaharudin as the son of Crown Sumbawa 5 April 1941.
With this assessment letter dated 10 January, it officially Sumbawa has had with the title sultan Sultan Kaharuddin IV.
Meanwhile, the Sultan Kaharuddin IV in his speech began after approval by decree, saying that the coronation of himself as the sultan was the mandate from the people.
The change towards a religious society, modern and democratic beginning of this sekarang.Hal era due to the challenge. In the face of the current era needs clear thinking and left everything to Allah SWT.
Also in his first speech, the Sultan Kaharudin IV entrust greetings to all the people and know that he is ready Samawa as sultan.
"Bismillahirrohmaanirrohim," the Sultan presented the first time to receive and execute tasks as the Sultan of Sumbawa IV.
Meanwhile, the atmosphere of the palace in a workshop filled with cries of joy at the moment penitia submit an assessment as Sultan. The atmosphere of emotion with shouts of Allahu Akbar and ACCOMPANIMENT Solawat Badr decorate and color the atmosphere of the palace in the workshop at that time.
All participants who attended also took time to shake hands with the newly elected emperor.


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