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Jumat, 17 April 2009

Descendant of exiled Indonesian hero-rebel prince after 223 back to the country of his forefathers

Mister Faiq Doole; the descendant of an important exiled rebel prince from the West-Javanese sultanate of Banten will finally see the dynasty of his forefathers next month.
His forefather Tobagus Doella was exiled in 1786 by the Dutch East-Indian Government(V.O.C./Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie called in fact)because of his rebelactions against Holland.
He was then exiled to Ceylon/Sri Lanka, which was then in the possesion of Holland. Sri Lanka and South-Africa (Cape of Good Hope; also then in possesion of Holland) was then the major exile places for important Indonesian rebels against Dutch rule.
Mister Faiq Doole is now; after help of Raja Leopold Isu Nisnoni of Kupang/Timor; an important member of one of the Indonesian royal organisations; i s now in contact with some assistents of the present nominal-monarch of Banten: HRH Sultan-Muda Haji Drs. Tubagus Ismetullah Wase Al Abbas.
It will be for all a very important and emotional reunion after 223 years in coming may.We shall show pictures and reports about this visit later.