Official Statement of Neutrality
Hereby the makers of this website want to declare, that we are completely neutral in all matters appearing on this site.Our only aim is to give good information about the dynasties of Indonesia,the Philippines and East-Timor.Of course we have contact with many parties to get information, but we don't choose any side what so ever in for instance temporary-rivalry in any dynasty. We only hope for unity and peace for all.

Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

Royal Touring Places

Below is the list of the places, where they stay:

Germany :10 until 13 march
Monaco :14 until 15 march (also some activities outside Monaco and do not stay in hotel in Monaco)
Italy :16 until 18 march
France :19 until 21 march
Belgium :22 march (morning)
the Netherlands : 22 (Afternoon) - 27 march.

Donald P. Tick