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Sabtu, 29 November 2008


On the Royal Gala Dinner during the 1st SE Asia Royal Festival and Expo the representative of the European Union of Noble Families(Silano)could present a DVD to the host of the dinner and the president of one of the 3 representative organisations of Indonesian royalty;FSKN with information about Indonesia 1780-1942.

This raja;Ida Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pemecutan;was very glad with this DVD with info about the Government Almanak of the Dutch East-Indish,which contained from 1850 also the list of the principalities of Indonesia and their rulers.
The candidate-Raja of Buleleng; Anak Agung Ngurah Brawida; is looking on.
Until now the main activities of the Festival was after the Royal Dinner;26-11royal procession of SE Asia culture attended by for instance the 118 Indonesian monarchs/dynastychiefs;10 monarchs/dynastychiefs from the Philippines and dynasties from SE and East-Asia.27-11:opening by the Indonesian president of the main activities.Represented however by his minister of culture,because some international activities called him away.
28-11:special attention to the expositions.
The monarchs and the like are invited to be the guest of the Indonesian president on saturday.Also a delegation will go to Europe as guest of Silanao to exchange experiences of the functioning of royalty and nobility in the so-called modern world.
We thank Baron de Smeth for his trying to inform us as good as is possible about the events.We hope to be able to inform you more in due time.
Unfortunately until now not much information in the media and internet about the event.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Rabu, 26 November 2008

South East Asia Royal Festival on Bali Begun

Yesterday we already received from several networks,that the Kings,Rajas and dynastychiefs from many parts of Indonesia and from other South East-Asian and evcen East-Asian countries were arriving at the airport of Denpasar on Bali.That is all for the very unique 1st South East Asia Royal Heritage Festival and Expo,which will take place from 25-30 november in the Bali Conference Centre in Denpasar and attended by more than 100 Indonesian dynasties,as well by brother dynasties from the countries surrounding Indonesia and for countries nearby;partly also because the existence and development of Indonesia inthepast resulted in historical contacts with those countries, or have a similar culturalcharacteristics (partly).

I have heard,that from the Philippines the very unique occasion will happen,that from the s.-part of the island of Mindanao; the so-called Maguindanao area; 3 royal families as representatives of their area will attend: the royal families with their sultans of Buayan, Maguindanao and Kabuntalan.

From the morenorth on the island lying Lanao,or Maranao-area 4 of the 15 Sultans will attend with their delegations. For sure the main kings of Indonesian island of Timor will attend,because their arrival on Bali with their Queens and their delegations was announced very recently.That will be a very colourfull appearance,because the Timor Kings are known for their very colourfull and unique traditional royal clothes. Further a representative of the Dutch association of noblefamilies;Baron Smeth;will attend as well.That is very unique also, because never in human history nobility and royalty from Indonesia/SE Asia and Holland/Europe had in this way contact,because both royalty/nobility networks were considered as different worlds.This association is united in the European association of noble families called Silano and Baron de Smeth is going to the Royal festival as well as representative of this European organisation. Apart from that several dynasties from the next brother countries will attend: Malaysia, Singapore (which has one sultan's dynasty;a branch of the Sultan's dynasty of Riau-Lingga/Johore (not Johore sultanate as it is now, which is another dynasty), Thailand, etc.

Even from more far lying befriended nations dynasties will attend like the royal family of Cambodja(the very important on Sumatra founded and later much over parts of Indonesia spread Sriwidjaja Empire was founded by an Cambodian prince!), Korea, Birma(Myanmar), etc. The first 2 days will be the meetings of all these enormous amount of dynasties and organisations with each other, exchanging experiences as f.i. royal families in the present time,looking to each others royal culture, showing your culture to the general audience etc., etc. Than the very open activites of this unique royal festival will in the morning of 27 november be opened by His Excellency President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
That is also very much honour and the 2nd big recognition of the Indonesian royal families from the Indonesian govenment.The first big recognition were
the 2 laws,which were recognized 5-12-2007 by the Indonesian central parliament, in which the ca. 300 Indonesian dynasties were recognized again and support for the preservation of the at least royal culture was promessed.

Now it is the first time, that the highest ruler;the president;of the Republic of Indonesia, honours the kings and rajas of Indonesia with his special attendance.
By the way:he is also;apart from former president Abdurahman Wahid; the first Indonesian president with no royal,or noble blood in his veins, or married with a royal, or noble person. Because having some contacts in the attending dynasties and organisations, we are able to offer you regular updates and colourfull; we surely hope,about this very unique event.

We thank you very much for your interest and reactions,which you also
can send to the 2 chiefs of this website:

Ir. I. Festivana in Bandar Lampung at ,
or Mr.D. P.Tick(gRMK) in Vlaardingen/Holland at

We also hope, that we can also offer you the possibility to write your reactions in a new placed guestbook here.

May God bless this Royal festival and the people attending it and our efforts to promote and make understandable the good things in the imperial, royal and princely cultures of the nations in South-East and East-Asia.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Senin, 24 November 2008

19th King of Sambas

(Picture from Melayu Online)
HRH Pangeran Ratu Muhammad Tarhan Winata Kesuma,
in 1993 born 19th king of Sambas in West-Kalimantan.
His father the very symphatic Pangeran ratu Winata Kesuma, who died 1-2-2008, was since 2000 king of Sambas. This rather quiet and humble king said, that it is nice to have royal clothes on, but he rather preferred to serve his people in a different way and that glamour is nice later.
Unfortunately the king had problems with his heart and died after a relative long sickbed. After 2 days his oldest son was selected to be the new king and it is quite good to see, that the civil government of Sambas also let the young king act as a symbol of tradition and identity in Sambas. We hope, that the our king will have the same characteristics as his father.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Dynasty of Undang Naning

Dato' Undang Naning
(Property of Dynasty Undang Naning)

In the 14th century Minangkabauw peoples from the island of Sumatra began to go to the area, which is now known as Negri Sembilan (as an historical name).
First you couldn't really speak of states as these exist now.
The Minangkabauw people are a sort of decentralised people. There are many peoples under their own ruler; in Minagkabauw under the paramount rule of an Emperor; assisted (in European idea) by 2 other paramount rulers; but the Emperor is what we call the wordly ruler.
After some time some states took shape in Negri Sembilan (meaning the Nine States):
Sungai Ujong, Rembau, Johol, Jelebu, Naning, Segamat, Klang, Jelai and Sri Menanti.
For all kind of reasons Naning, Segamat, Jelai and Klang later became part of the surrounding states. In that process Naning had a special status, retaining much of his autonomy as a traditional system, with the Dato Undang, or Penghulu at the top.
Under it's ruler Datu Abdul Sayid Naning lead a proud war for it's independent status and after some successes, the tide changed however for Naning and was overwhelmed by the British troups in 1836. The so-called Naning war is an important fact in the history of Malaysia.
The Dato Undang was deposed and taken prisoner and forced to live at another palace.
From then on the traditional Dato Undang system of Naning lead a sleeping existence, although after the last ruling Dato Undang other Dato Undangs were installed(for the official then existing local government) unofficially.
From 1924 there was a revival of this traditional system.
It received from then on some blows.
The Dato Undang, who had the dignity in World War II was executed by the Japanese occupationforce for being one of the rebels.The succesor was murdured after the World War II by rebelling communists. His succesor was then the adatleader and remained as such until some years ago. He was then nearly 100 years and was the great symbol of Naning traditional culture.
Naning was since 1836 a part of the State of Malakka.
Then the present Dato Undang of Naning was installed. He is originally a policeofficer in the nearby semi-principality of Tampin; in Negri Sembilan.
Then he took up his residence in the as palace functioning building and tried to preserve the regalia and other heirloom of the dynasty, which threatened to be dispersed.
The reason, why Naning now is out here,is that after his installation the Dato Undang made a ceremonial trip to the Emperor of Minangkabauw, or Pagaruyung on Sumatra and told him about his installation and asked for his ceremonial approval, which was given. That was to retain the old bond between the 2 Minangkabauw peoples in the areas lying on both sides of the sea.
The Negri Sembilan people were united by a prince from the Pagaruyung Imperial Court, which went to Negri Sembilan to be the paramount Ruler after a request from the rulers there.
This bond still is maintained from time to time.
Apart from these ceremonial contacts no really contacts are between the 2 Minangkabauw peoples, because both peoples concentrate totally to the country in which they are living.
The present Dato Undang of Naning want to see his fellow royal brothers in Indonesia by going (probably) from 25-30 november 2008 to the 1st SE Asia Royal Heritage Festival and Expo in Denpasar/Bali.
But his main task is now to preserve the local culture and it's real symbols.
He is just now the good man at the right time, so that with his relative young energy he can with strong intention try to do so.
May others support him in that in a wise way.
That Naning may be discovered again as an important name in the history of Malaysia Federal Kingdom.

Donald P. Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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