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Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

The government accused snatched Rights Siak Sultanate Grant Heir

Sultan Syarif Kasim II

Siak - Sultanate of Siak Sri Indrapura, has long been a vacuum since Indonesia's independence. Sultan Syarif Kasim II as the last king had long passed away. But now, the treasure he left behind that is the Palace became seizure Limas Siak District Government, and the heirs of the sultan.

What exactly happens with the estate of Siak Sultanate? Siak Palace still stands majestically as mute witness to the triumph of historical evidence of the Sultanate of Siak. The palace is situated in the middle of Siak Sri Indrapura city, capital of Siak Regency. Siak name, which comes from Kesulatanan Siak kingdom was also immortalized the name of the district.

In history, the Sultanate of Siak has lineage to the kings of the 12th Sultan Syarif Kasim II as the last king. Asset kingdom which still stands on the banks of the river classy it is palace of Siak Siak. On the right the palace, there Limas Palace that used to as a resting place of Sultan Syarif Kasim II who also earned his degree as a national hero.

Limas Palace stands on approximately 2,000 m2 of land with old building area of ​​about 800 m2. This small palace which is now a bone of contention between Pemkab Siak with stepchildren heirs of Sultan Syarif Kasim II.

Pemkab Siak, accused the family heirs against the law. Basically, the government based on Law No. 5 of 1992 on Cultural Property and Government Regulation No. 6 of 2006 concerning the processing of state property / area. In addition, Pemkab Siak also sued heirs with benchmark Permendagri No. 17 of 2007 concerning the Technical Guidelines for Processing of local property.

"I do not believe it, Pemkab Siak sue us as heirs who occupy Palace Limas. We considered those who oppose the law. The law which our opponent. We occupy this house according to the letter of the sultan grants," said Hashim Syaed stepchild sultan in conversation with the AFP on Thursday (29/04/2001).

Siak Sultanate of property disputes is also now underway in the District Court (PN) Siak. Siak Regency determined to ask the beneficiary to come out of the Palace Limas. In fact, says Hashim, before the Sultan Syarif Kasim II's death, has issued an advance grant for children's stepfather. The letter was issued sultan grants on May 25, 1968.

In a letter of grant, No. B/1/135 / Religion Court when it referred to the Sharia Court of First Level of Pekanbaru, the sultan had donated his property, including property that is the sultan's parents Kasim Sultan Sharif I. The letter explained the grant, Limas Palace handed over to her step children.

Still according to the story of Sultan Hashim stepchild, the letter was supported by grants Derektorat Religious Court in Jakarta on 1 November 1968. In the letter, explained the grant letter issued by the sultan is valid according to the provisions of legislation.

"The letter was actually legalized grants and signed by the Deputy Director of the Directorate of Religious Affairs Judiciary namely A HZA Nuch. Basic grant letter is to occupy us survive what has been granted our stepfather. But why Siak Government is blaming our people against the law. We are our father's legacy into homes, according to the letter which also grants legal force, "said Hashim.

"We have 50 years in that house, we even shared with the sultan during his lifetime. Kok casually even our fellow accused the government party that is against the law," said Hashim.

Sultan Stepchildren

Regarding the Sultan of Siak stepchild, is not much recorded by history. Sultan Syarif Kasim II listed only married twice. But actually, the sultan had 4 times the wedding. As told by Hashim, originally Sultan Syarif Kasim Sarifah Latifah gain from the Sultanate of Deli, Medan. But in 1929, Sarifah died without leaving descendants. Furthermore, the sultan married the sister of his wife, Tengku Fadhlon.

"His second wife was divorced sultan, as leaving the sultan. His second wife was married to Tengku Mahmud. From this second marriage, the sultan also had no children," said Haysim.

Sultan re-married for the third time with Syariefah Syifah, but got divorced without having children. Sultan married a fourth time, with Syariefah Fadhlun on February 17, 1957 in the Office of Religious Affairs Kampung Melayu, Jatinegara, Jakarta. At that time, the sultan had no longer reigns. Syariefah is a widow with four of Syarief Soud, Syariefah Faizah, Syaed Hashim, Syaed Lukman.

"Although we were a stepchild, but we've seen a child of their sultan. We live in peace with our father who at the end of his life falling into poverty. The evidence we have as children kandunganya, we received a grant from the sultan's treasure one of Limas Palace which is now controlled by the local government would Siak, "said Hashim Syaed.

By Sultan Hashim did escape the attention of the government so that all of life deficiencies. Whereas said Hashim, the Sultan had donated 3 million Gulden and gold three bushels to the Soekarno government to fund the struggle. Even until the Sultan was his wife who accompanied the sick to Singapore. From there the Sultan moved on the island of Padang, a small group of islands around the island of Batam. Sultan lived poor and sick at the end of his life. This is his fourth wife who always take care to die world sultan ago 23 April 1968. As a form of love for his fourth wife, Sultan Hashim passed by the Palace that is now Limas fuss with Pemkab Siak.

"We brought to justice, Siak Government regarded as being against the law. But we stayed in a house relics of the sultan, based on letters that he remove the heir during his lifetime," said Syaed.


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