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Rabu, 01 April 2009

Raja Denpasar charged for failure and financial losses concerning the Indonesian royal tour to Europe 9-27 march 2009.

Many people were very enthousiastic about the Royal Culture promotion tour, etc.,whoch had to take place 9-27 march 2009. Later it was postphoned. The Raja of Badung-Denpasar,which led the whole project, is now mainly chraged for financal losses of a tourist organisation and also blamed for other things.
I think it is not fair to talk alone, what has gone wrong.Ida Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pemecutan;the Raja of Denpasar; really had a good intention to invite his fellow royalty to go to Europe in march, when he had to go to Germany for instance to receive a medal for good achievements in the touristworld in the difficult financial times in the world.
So the tourgoals were extended to the goal also to promote the royal culture of Indonesia in Europe, which would greatly enlarge the attractiveness of Indonesian tourism.Because of the coming Indonesian parliamentary elections (so all was concentrated on that) and maybe a bit uncarefull idea about the difficultness of the total project, it had to be postphoned in the end.
Of course we hope,that it will be possible later.
So our opinion is ,that it is good to talk about faults made in such projects, but also not to forget the very good and creative intentions (and very unique!) of the Raja of Badung-Denpasar and his organisation team.
We hope,that harmony disturbed in some networks by this matter will be restored soon, so that later the good ideas can be tried to make happen again.

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