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Rabu, 01 April 2009

Raja Denpasar charged for failure and financial losses concerning the Indonesian royal tour to Europe 9-27 march 2009.

Many people were very enthousiastic about the Royal Culture promotion tour, etc.,whoch had to take place 9-27 march 2009. Later it was postphoned. The Raja of Badung-Denpasar,which led the whole project, is now mainly chraged for financal losses of a tourist organisation and also blamed for other things.
I think it is not fair to talk alone, what has gone wrong.Ida Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pemecutan;the Raja of Denpasar; really had a good intention to invite his fellow royalty to go to Europe in march, when he had to go to Germany for instance to receive a medal for good achievements in the touristworld in the difficult financial times in the world.
So the tourgoals were extended to the goal also to promote the royal culture of Indonesia in Europe, which would greatly enlarge the attractiveness of Indonesian tourism.Because of the coming Indonesian parliamentary elections (so all was concentrated on that) and maybe a bit uncarefull idea about the difficultness of the total project, it had to be postphoned in the end.
Of course we hope,that it will be possible later.
So our opinion is ,that it is good to talk about faults made in such projects, but also not to forget the very good and creative intentions (and very unique!) of the Raja of Badung-Denpasar and his organisation team.
We hope,that harmony disturbed in some networks by this matter will be restored soon, so that later the good ideas can be tried to make happen again.

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Donald P. Tick

6 komentar:

maestro indonesia mengatakan...

'good things from them' :
-issue the blank cheque to pay their debt
-counterfeit the bank reference and bank account information
-unpaid invoices to Maestro Indonesia Tour Operator
-Trying to produce the fake money / bad coin with the criminal gang
-Unpaid invoice to Sultan Hotel Jakarta

The king never showed up to our office to pay the debt since 07 march until today, 07 april'09

my question, is it a good behavior/manner by the king ?

my comment :
all of the major newspaper in Indonesia wrote this story,but none of them say anything, if you think the king is a 'good king', he should talk to the media to counter the story ! where is your king now ?

Anonim mengatakan...

sometimes I wonder wether all the 'Kings' in Indonesia is really a Hederitary Chief of their people. Or all the 'Kings' just use their name or title for their own benefit. Sometimes, 2 or more people claim that they are the real 'King' for their 'Kingdom', eventhough they dont really have a true 'power' in nowadays reality. For example, Sultan of Palembang and the famous, Sultan of Sulu in Philipines (the greatest joke on earth).

I know ur interest in Indonesian royalty, Mr. Tick. But the failure of the event and the behavior of some of the 'Kings' had effect ur good name and give a bad impression to ur organisation (PUSAKA). Think about it..

Anonim mengatakan...

sultan of sulu? hahaha. I think right now, 10 person or more than that had self-proclaim that they are the true heir of the last sultan and have the right to he throne..

had you make any study before you attach blog of all 'Sultan of Sulu' in this blog?

Anonim mengatakan...

Dear all;

I think the same thing as you do.He is not my king,but I know him.I also know,that he is trying to do the good for his area and for the royal culture.I know,that media all around the world are always looking more or less to some kind of sensation,because that pays.
You must know this:like the meetings of Forum Silaturahmi Keraton se Nusantara(of which Raja Denpasar is chief)and the royal tour some people gave financial gurantees.Without that you can not organise something.Always these very costly meetings went good,so also this time the organisation thought,that they would have a good organisation again.I think some government network parts are invloved in it.Suddenly the money was withdrawn and it was then said not:withdraw,but wait.
So the sponsors behind the things were the persons,who had to explain.But these sponsors were kept a secret.
I think the modern governmenbt just want to show,that they are the actual real rulers.In Holland we have opportunities to support the royal/nobility culture and we do not use money as a sort of threat.
Sorry I say,but Indonesia just hasnot reached that point.
Yes,in Holland and elsewhere also our good name was a bit damaged,but I do not feel guilty,because I am just a researcher,who wants to help.All the programparts for the royalty of Indonesia to visit Holland was all perfect.
It was a negative thing,that when the things went negative for the royal tour,
Raja Denpasar and his group went backwards in fear(malu)!
Then they had to seek publicity and explain,what was happening behind the curtains,but no one dared to do that.Big fear,when it comes to such things.
When you are right,you do not have to fear.
Indonesian royal culture is a part of the general culture of Indonesia.The identity.
I always said,that to be divided is not a good thing for the Indonesian royal dynasties.Not like in the Philippines,where in the several parts of that country/s-part there are many claimants.That is no use.
I think the Raja of Denpasar is just fearing the consequences,if he reveals some things.That is not good.And what about money:he is not a poor man,but has no money to pay back millions of dollars.
Better the sponsorthings must be revealed,but I do not think he dares to do it.
I knew many kings and rajas in Indonesia.Many want to do the good.Also many just are not arrived at that point.
I said to several rajas,that exactly now they must be together and try to make the good things in all kind of affairs and projects again.
But I am afriad,that that kind of unity they do not have and now just go back to their own lives a bit disappointed and have a sort of feeling,that their Prophet has died,but do not really believe anymore,that he will be resurrected,like he said.
You must not start a rebellion,but seek for justice.If you do not do that,then people will keep on playing with you.
I think,that modern government,royalty,
intelectuals,common people;etc. must realise,that they must work together as real brothers and sisters for the good of Indonesia.Not as ennemies,or like that.
To work together for the good of everybody is a good thing,that all people in the world must do anyhow.
But again:we can talk nicely and give good advises from the sideline,.If you,or me were people like Raja Denpasar:what would we really do??
I can only hope,that all people will find the real wisdom to cooperate with each other.That is of course very difficult.
My only real advise I dare to give:work with energy for the good cause and do not to be stopped by anyhthing.
Work with Love for the things and the people and the country.In unity.
Last thing;do not think,that with a attitude(with fear)like Raja Denpasar the other royalty are also bad.
I persist in my attitude:Raja Denpasar really wants to do the good,but only he must live in trust for the good thing.That others may help him.
No rebellion:only cooperation in harmony!!!
Thank you for your attention.
Always feel free to exchange also ideas with me at .
I also hope the best,that the money will be reimbursed.

Thank you for talking to me in a polite way!!!

Hormat saya:
D.P. Tick/Holland

Anonim mengatakan...

Dear all;

Until now the truth behind all this not revealed.I think never come.Please;let we deal with these things in a truthful way:then it willbe blessed.Sorry,I am not better that the politicians in Indonesia,
but if we erally treat eah other like brothers,then Blessings will be on all the good things you do.
I also want the good for Indonesia.
We are depended on the Blessings of God only.Of nothing else!!!

Hor,at saya;
DP Tick gRMK/Pusaka.

Anonim mengatakan...


Sorry for to quickly writing the message above with writing faults..

Hormat saya:
D.P. Tick gRMK/Pusaka .