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Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

Siak; a Major Power on Sumatra

Before the sultanate of Siak was one of the major powers in the East/N-part of Sumatra for a long time. Several small and little principalities were under it's sway. Later these all became independent, but always respected the historical position of the sultan of Siak.
Espacially the sultanate of Aceh was also an important player in the search for control of the area.
The last ruling sultan of Siak;Sultan Abdul Jalil Saifuddin V(rule (1908-)1915-1946); also known as Tengku Syarif Kassim II, ruled in a much turbulent time. In the independence struggle around WW II he was an important defendant of Indonesian independence.
Because of that he was made a national hero of Indonesia in 1998.
He died in 1968 and left no royal heirs. His brother had sons,but not from a royal wife.
So for a long time there was no official dynastychief of Siak.Some years ago that was changed.
The last ruling sultan was descendant of Sultan Abdul Jalil Saifuddin III( T. Sy. Kasim I;ruled 1864-88). This sultan had succeeded his older brother Sultan Abdul Jalil Saifuddin II(Raja Ismail),who ruled from 1827 and had to stop as sultan, because of his health.
Now the line of Sultan Abdul Jalil Saifuddin III/Sy. Kasim is extinct, the dynasty decided to continue with the line of his older brother.
The present chief of the sultan's dynasty of Siak is Haji Tengku Muhammad Muchtar Anum Raja;greatgrandson of the foremost last mentioned sultan, who is also described as Sultan Syarif Ismail Abdul Jalil Syafuddin II.

Siak is one of the important centres of East-Sumatra culture.

I. Festivana
D.P. Tick gRMK

Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Main Palace of the Emperor of Minangkabauw burnt down on 21th March, 2010

Some disasters are following the last time the Imperial dynasty of Minangkabauw,or Pagaruyung in West-Sumatra.
On 27-2-2007 THE symbol of Minangkabauwculture;but not the main palace of the imperial dynasty of Minangkabauw;the Istano Basa Pagaruyuang was burnt down.
At this moment the rebuilding activities are nearly finished so the new palace at Batusangkar could be reopened with big festivities. A joy for the Minangkabauw area and also of Indonesia in general a bit,because this palace is seen culturally as one of the main palaces of Indonesia.
But at 01.00 A.M. the main palace of the Imperial dynasty of Minangkabauw, or Pagaruyung;the Istano Silindung Bulan;also at Batusangkar;was burned down and now there were very strong proofs that is was set onfire.
The from wood built very traditional palace was burned down totally.
There are rumours going on now in all kind of networks on internet for instance,that it was done,because of a rivalry inside the network involved with traditional matters in the area,which would like to see promoted the nearlty rebuilt palace Istano Basa Pagaruyuang; a museum; as the main palace of the area,instead of the Istano Silindung Bulan.

We hope, that matters will be come to total harmony again.
We also hope to inform you in due time about this matter.

We thank Mr. M. Safuan from Malaysia for giving us a link on internet to the matter.

I. Festivana
D.P. Tick gRMK

Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Very rare flower grows near royal graves(Selimbau)

In the life sometimes you can see very extraordinary matters, which you can not explain at all. We only can see it then as one of the many miracles of God.
One of it is the place, where the legendary black orchid is growing.
For lovers of orchids the name black orchid is a very legendary one. Does it really exists, or not?
In 2007 2 people from the district of Kapuas Hulu in West-Borneo (West-Kalimantan) found these very beautifull flowers.
The men;called Uju Suharman and Abeng;founded the flowers growing near the royal graves of the rajas of the very ancient kingdom of Selimbau.
They were stunned by their beauty and talked about it to a youth leader in Selimbau called Mr. Muhamad Walidad.
He to went to the area,where the flowers are growing;an area of ca. 5 ha near the graves of the royal family of Selimbau;besides also growing on nearby lying trees.
Then he went to the government of the district of Kapuas Hulu and also there were talks with the traditional leaders of Selimbau and of course also with the nominal king of Selimbau:Raden Muhammad Asbi Assidiqi. He is the grandson of the last ruling raja of Selimbau:Pangeran Gusti Haji Muhammad Usman, who died in 1925.
Then the chief of the district;the bupati:Bupati Drs. Abang Tambul Husin (a local royal too),
the local king:Raden Muhammad Asbi Assidiqi, local traditional and community leaders came together end 2008 for an important meeting, what important measures there had to be taken to protect this very rare and very beautifull (and very legendary) black orchid;growing near the royal graveyard of the rajas of Selimbau.
It then was declared, that the area would be a special protected area under strict protection from the government. Stealing of the flowers would be punished with very heavy fines per flower.
Of course the area could be visited after permission only and under guidance of the local government.
In the mean time Mr. Muhamad Walidad kept on visiting the area to look after the condition of the legendary flowers.
The area of the royal graveyard of the rajas of Selimbau in Kapuas Hulu district now could become a very important touristic site.
It is hoped, that all will be enjoyed in a very wise way by visitors under the guidance of the local government.
Until now this place is not very well-known,but if the very many orchid lovers of the world knows,that the black orchid really exists and that the royal graveyard of Selimbau is the rare site for it, it could be a very busy visited place in the future.

How a little kingdom like Selimbau could become a famous place in the modern time!

D.P. Tick gRMK
I. Festivana