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Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Royal Indonesian Wedding Festival Take Place on March 6, 2010

On 6 march the Forum Silaturahmi Keraton se Nusantara (the Cooperation of Friendship of the Indonesian Dynasties/FSKN) will held a special royal festival dedicated to the rich and very variated royal wedding culture of Indonesia.
The 1 day festival will take place in Sasono Utomo TM II building in Jakarta and will be opened already by the celebrity Mr. Menko Kesra at 9.00 in the morning.
The festival is of course open for the public.
Royal and Princely dynasties from several places of the Indonesian archipelago will show their centuries old wedding ceremonies, special wedding clothes, special wedding music, etc.
A few of them, who display and present their palace wedding culture are:the sultan's dynasty of Bulungan (East-Kalimantan), the sultan's dynasty of Siak (East-Sumatra), the pangeran dynasty of Gebang (Cirebon-area/West-Java) and the sultan's dynasty of Pontianak(West-Kalimantan).
The festival also will be attended by several kings,rajas,dynastychiefs and the like of areas all over Indonesia.
The royal wedding culture of Indonesia is one of the most interesting subjects of the general and royal culture.

We hope to be able to put some reports about it later.

Namatota;the most eastern Indonesian principality

In the SE East of the Bomberay peninsula of Papua lies the Namatota, or Kowiai area. The raja of Namaotota, who lived in the capital Namatota was together with the raja of Rumbati the most important raja of the peninsula.His area was the biggest of all, although not always he had a very direct influence there. Before the stateletts of Arguni and Kaimana were his vasals. The raja of Namaotota could augment his influence with the help of the sultan of Tidore. It was also described as a commercial principality with the economic centre in the capital. The dynasty says, they come from the Gunung Baik area originally. The present raja of Namatota is Raja Hayum Ombaier and like most of the other rajas here also member of the local government. The present raja is meber of the staf of the bupati of Kaimana.

I. Festivana
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Patipi;the religious principality of Papua

One of the former vasal-principalities of Rumbati was Patipi. Already long it had it's own rulers.It was known for the wish of their rulers to bring the islam to the surrounding peoples. The present raja dynasty is the 2nd dynasty, which ever ruled Patipi.The 1st raja dynasty still was in the government atmosphere in the 20th century and even delivered 2 rajas in that time, when the 2nd dynasty already was ruling.The present raja is only regent-raja of Paitpi:Regent-Raja Ahmad Iba and is considered as the 16th ruler of Paitpi. When his brother Raja Usman Iba died, he became regent, because the crownorince (son of the deceased raja) was then still studying:Raja Muda Atarai Iba. It is not known, when the crownprince will be installed as the new raja. The regent is a retired official of the department of fishery of the kabupaten Fak Fak.

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Karangasem;the Prussia of the Bali-Lombok area

In the east of Bali lies the area of Karangasem. Before it was a very powerfull area.In the 18th century it was the rajapower also in Buleleng in the north and in the 17th century it began to become the paramount power in the nearby muslim island of Lombok. The present branch of the Karangasem dynasty actually ruled this empire, of which it was called the emperor, but in the 19th century the branch of the dynastysm, which ruled on Lombok began to rule as paramount rajas.The rule in Lombok ended at the end of the 19th century and the rule in Buleleng ca. 1850. The rajas of this dynasty always were known as good rulers, prorgassive rulers with a realistic mind:being an example for others.The present raja of Karangasem is a son of the last ruling raja. He was installed 9-4-2009 as the chief of the rajadynasty with the name Ida Anak Agung Gde Agung Putra Agung. He is a very well-known history professor on Bali.

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