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Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Royal Indonesian Wedding Festival Take Place on March 6, 2010

On 6 march the Forum Silaturahmi Keraton se Nusantara (the Cooperation of Friendship of the Indonesian Dynasties/FSKN) will held a special royal festival dedicated to the rich and very variated royal wedding culture of Indonesia.
The 1 day festival will take place in Sasono Utomo TM II building in Jakarta and will be opened already by the celebrity Mr. Menko Kesra at 9.00 in the morning.
The festival is of course open for the public.
Royal and Princely dynasties from several places of the Indonesian archipelago will show their centuries old wedding ceremonies, special wedding clothes, special wedding music, etc.
A few of them, who display and present their palace wedding culture are:the sultan's dynasty of Bulungan (East-Kalimantan), the sultan's dynasty of Siak (East-Sumatra), the pangeran dynasty of Gebang (Cirebon-area/West-Java) and the sultan's dynasty of Pontianak(West-Kalimantan).
The festival also will be attended by several kings,rajas,dynastychiefs and the like of areas all over Indonesia.
The royal wedding culture of Indonesia is one of the most interesting subjects of the general and royal culture.

We hope to be able to put some reports about it later.

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Kupang mengatakan...

The adress is:Jalan Raya no. 13
Taman Mini Pintu i
Kelurahan Ceger
Jakarta Timur.

Kupang mengatakan...

Dear Raeders;

Excuse me.Menko esra means the Coordinating Minister of People's Welfare:
H.E. Mister Agung Laksono.

Thank you.

Salam hormat:
DP Tick

daniel mengatakan...

Gna just share my views from top to bottom as I see them.
I feel this is a good simply because it’s consistent with how the user is used to seeing the comment form and filling out information in general. Filling out the name and email wont take me much time, and if you really wanted to go ahead and type the comment first, you can do so, not really that big of a work around. I’m .

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Kupang mengatakan...

Dear Sir;

Thank you for your comment and attention.

Yours sincerelly:
DP Tick

Anonim mengatakan...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

Anonim mengatakan...


It was not really a royal wedding festival,but a display of customs in that of the dynasties of Surakarta and Siak.

Salam hormat:
D.P. Tick