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Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Kings will lead Papua

Implementation of the specificity of Papua who have more ten years of running the system 10 Special Autonomy (Autonomy ), on Thursday ( 10/11/2012 ) at Skyline Field Kotaraja, District of South Jayapura Papua proclaim a king of their presence as a leader in Papua . Leadership declared it was not in the sense of political leadership, but leadership and cultural customs. Therefore, the proclamation rites performed with traditional rituals, marked a brief conversation in custom homes and custom fire.
Inauguration over Papua elected king, a king Alex Mebri Meden Yansu Meiran marked with the " baptism " with custom water by the kings who were present, namely Emanuel Koyari and Korano Mambaisyen Wanijan ( King of the Bay Saireri ), and as the Christian descendants of the daughter Mehuze king of the South.
In the near future, Alex King membri and king will be traveling to a number of areas to strengthen the kings in these areas. In the list of work in the archipelago, to the territory of Papua artifacts are at least 10 kingdoms in the various regions. In the East region of Papua are Patipi kingdom, Rumbati, Sekar, Wertuar, and Fatagar. In the West there Waigama kingdom on the island of Misool, Lilinta kingdom, and the kingdom Waigeo in Raja Ampat. Meanwhile, in the northern region of Papua on the island there is the Kingdom Mapia Mapia.

Responses of Forkorus.
Related to the king's declaration of cold response by Forkorus Yaboisembut that a year ago through a forum that they call the Third Papuan People's Conference has been defined as ' President ' federal republic of West Papua.
Forkorus who is now languishing in Abepura Lantara LP was convicted maker confirms that the system of monarchy in Papua only in Sorong and Raja Ampat . While in other areas there is only Ondoafi, chieftains, Mambri, and subsequently in accordance with local customs designations respectively.

Forkorus worry, if the system is running the kingdom, the ' state ' West Papuan declaration that has become worthless again, when he and his followers had sacrificed everything for the sake of ( including the freedom of their lives ) in order to maintain ' state ' that they shape it.
" We still see them as part of us , but what they do , it will not affect our attitude " said Pastor Ketty Yabansabra Forkorus quoted.

Draft Perdasus (Special Area Regulation).
In addition to the declaration will disseminate the leadership of King, King Alex membri and the announcer also has prepared a draft Special Area Regulation ( Perdasus ) of the king's system of government in Papua. The draft will be submitted to the Papuan People's Assembly ( MRP ) which is further discussed and submitted to the DPRP to be passed Perdasus.
Institutional kings who were prepared were named Kingdom of West Papua New Guene / Malanesia ( KPBNG / M ). The king's leadership structure adapted to the existing social structure in Papua. At the village level , and the king's district has the authority to supervise and protection of the head of the village and district heads. At the district / city the authority to supervise and protect the king in the Regent and the mayor. At the provincial level, the king has the right and obligation to conduct surveillance and protection of the governor. While at the national level, to protect the president and ministers.
According to Giving Alex King, the King of institutional formation is not to loot and not against the powers of government, but to work together with the government and in favor of building the Land of Papua for the welfare of the outer and inner Papuans.
" So this is not the State but the form of the royal Establishment King whose name is also the mandate of Law No. 21 Year 2001 on special autonomy " he said.

Condemning the OPM and the Independence Movement
That's for the welfare of the people of Papua , Raja Alez membri invite all tribes in the Land of Papua, including the TPN OPM to join construct Papua. He asked members of the Free Papua Movement ( OPM ) to immediately leave the forest, because because it is an act of misguided actions that harm themselves. Morning Star flag ( BK ), must be eliminated from the Land of Papua.
According to him, the Morning Star flag pattern in the 7 keys of death is given Satan caused many Papuans died .
" Papua problem has been completed, there is no independent, if there is a struggle for independence grafts, then it is clear they will be condemned " said Alex King.