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Selasa, 14 Oktober 2008

Tuanku Luckman Sinar Basyarsyah II of Serdang

(Pictured : Media Deli in Serdang)

Serdang was founded by the oldest son of a Deli king after a problem in the succesion there. That was in 1723. Sultan Basarsyah II is the 8th king of Serdang.
Very extraordinary, that from the beginning of the rule of his father Sultan Sulaiman Syariful Alamsyah (his complete ruling name) and the present time; the moral/nominal-rule of Sultan Basarsyah II is 129 years. His father began to rule in 1879 as a very young king and ruled for 67 years. Then 2 of his briothers had the title Sultan. Sultan basarsyah is one of the youngest children of his father.
Before he was known as Tengku Luckman Sinar Syah. Before he also was a sort of king, but then the uncrowned king of the history of north- and east-Sumatra.
He wrote many books and articles and gave many readings. He is one of the examplary persons in Indonesia,who preserve and describe the rich Indonesian culture and history, that talent and need was also enherited by some of his children.
He is also the driving force in East-Sumatra (in Indonesia they say North Sumatra) behind the good describing and giving an effective function to the existence of the royal- and princely dynasties there.he speaks several languages, f.i. Dutch (which is neccesarily to read the good descriptions of Indonesian history and culture).
(Many people say: the history of Indonesia lies in the archives of Holland).
Without this king many culture and history would have been lost. And: one of the functions of a king is,that he knows his own history and culture and can describe it. So he is a rather good king then according to that principle.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Anak Agung Gde Sudewa Djelantik of Karangasem

Karangasem was before very powerfull; ruled several other principalities like Buleleng in the north of Bali and nearby lying island of Lombok.
Some kings on Bali are really functioning as king, ohters also like to function as scientific scholars like this raja.
Karangasem was before the biggest friend of Holland, the most friendly principality concerning political- and social developments and the most modern (but with a strong feeling for it's local culture).

His uncle Dr. Anak Agung Made Djelantik was for a time the unofficial chief of the dynasty,but when he found himself to old for that some years, he took up his rightfull position.
Karangasem always was good in taking the good things of the Eastern- and the Western culture.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Dynastychief Mokole Kumampu Marunduh of Mori

Mori is a quite big principality in East-Sulawesi. The last Mokole, or Raja was his father Mokole Owolu Marunduh. This raja refused to take a position in WW II against the Dutch, because he had discivered before, that the Dutch also had good intentions to develop his principality.
He helped anti-Japanese rebels and so did the people. For his pro-Dutch opinion he was deposed in 1942 and replaced by his son Mokole Besau Marunduh. In 1945 he was restored again.
Being the oldest surviving son of his father he now is the temporary-dynastychief of Mori. But there are plans later to install a younger prince of the dynasty as new Mokole.
The dynasty was and still is a dedicated dynasty to the well-being of it's people. Before they were and still are. They always were known as hardworking people.
So a dynasty examplary for others.
A dynasty, which wanted to serve it's people and not a people,who were servants of it's monarchs.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Anak Agung Gde Agung II of Gianyar

Before his father Anak Agung Gde Agung I was the most influential raja of Bali, prime-minister of the former state of East-Indonesia, great local historian.

When this raja died some years ago,he became succesor to his father and also was accepted as a minister in the first government of the time, when a government was fully freely elected. More or less he was that as representative of Bali. He was that not for long.
Later he disappeared from the limelight again and many people don't know much about him now.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Raja H. Abdul Gafur Ibrahim Dasi of Lamakera

Lamakera also lies on the island of Solor; on the extreme east.
It is the only principality in Indonesia living on the catcing of whales, which swim between this principality and the nearby island of Lembata (Lomblem to the east), where the place of Lamalera is the other place of whalescathing.
Because of the environment polution and other reasons the whalecatching diminished.
The Raja of lamakera and of Lohayong alays were friends of Holland, because this country left these principalities alone instead of Portugal, who tried to push forward to much it's culture and religion.
The capital of Lamakera is built like a birdcolony on a rock.
The principality is little but well organised. In Lamakera there is a strong feeling of history,because they know,that they were important before.
Before he succeeded his brother as raja, this friendly monarch was government official.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Raja H. Achmad Kalake of Lohayong

Lohayong are descended from the rajas of the Solor island(east of Flores), who before ruled the total Solor area (especially Adonara, Solor and some other areas).
Solor was very important (because of it's strategic position) as entrepot of the spices from the Moluccans on it's way to Java (and the via Singapore to Europe).
Later this position diminished a bit, because of improvement of means of transport, but it's strategic position in itself remained.
The rajas of Lohayong also were traders.
Raja Achmad Kalake is an example of a monarch, who is proud about his dynastie's history. He is a quite fanatic collector of everything,what has to do with the history of Lohayong and areas surrounding it.
The monarchy rule on Solor is on the right part of the island. This is an island without cars,but full of history. One of the most impressive islands of Indonesia I ever was.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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