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Senin, 23 Maret 2009

Kings of South Sulawesi Meet investigation Resilience Culture

Friday, 20 March 2009 03:35 WIB

MAKASSAR, KOMPAS.COM - Some 250 people heir to the kingdom and institutional tradition in South Sulawesi will sit together to discuss the preservation of local culture and resilience, and find again confidence, dignity and the dignity of the kingdom, Kedatuan customs and institutions in this region.

Meeting kings, progenitor, and his descendants held in the meeting "Great Congress" which was Forum Kingdom and Institutional Adat Sulawesi (FKKAS) in Makassar, 18 - 20 July 2009, said Chairman of the General FKKAS, Drs H. Andi Makmur A. Andi Makmur A. Sadda, MM di Makassar, Kamis. Sadda, MM in Makassar, on Thursday.

Court that Congress will be the Vice President, HM. Jusuf Kalla, he added, is done to preserve the spirit and values of the Kingdom, Kedatuan, Saoraja, Institutions and Indigenous communities that have a historical origin, cultural and traditional systems that are in a particular region.

During this time, he said, there has been no forum like this that bring together the heir to the kingdom, Kedatuan traditional culture and institutional areas to sit in the back of deliberation to find identity, dignity and the dignity of the kingdom in the province.

In fact, for the heir to the kingdom of the meeting is necessary so that the cultural values of the nation, especially in this province remain strong for the next generation entrusted to pelanjut dynasty, and the progenitor Saoraja so that they can further develop the traditional culture preservation of this area in the future.

"Basically, the heir to the kingdom will relay this to the generasinya to the front of the challenges that faces the complex is quite in line with changes to the global nature," he said.

He said, the heir to the kingdom will sit to discuss the resilience of culture and values of the kingdom, among others, H. Andi Oddang, former Governor of South Sulawesi kingdoms represent Tallo / customary council.

Andi Baso Hamid (kingdom Bone / council of Adat High), Andi Kumala Idjo (Gowa), Pamadengrukka (Suppa, Barru), Datu Andi Hasan Mahmud Hasan (Kedatuan Wajo) and Andi Makmur A. Sadda (Institutional Takalar customs district).

Iskandar Andi Baso Datu (traditional institutional Selayar), Andi Rustam Raga (Luwu Kingdom), Arifin Karaeng Mile (custom Jeneponto), Andi Muh. Rusli (adat Bulukumba), Dr Muhammad Diah Yusuf (mewakili Arung Bulukumba) dan Andi Mappaewang (Arajang Binuang Sulawesi Barat). Rusli (custom Bulukumba), Dr Muhammad Diah Yusuf (representing the major tourist Bulukumba) and Andi Mappaewang (Arajang Binuang South West).

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Anonim mengatakan...

I don't see any name of Torajan who will be represents the kingdom of Toraja, can you tell me why???

Thank you very much.
Thomas Dala.
Seattle, Washington, USA

Kupang mengatakan...

Dear Sir;

On Sulawesi different Toraja peoples.One is Saaadan Toraja in Tanah Toraja.A kingdom of Toraja doesn't exist.
If you know of any dynastychief now and you have a picture;please contactn me at .
I think,that Puang(Raja)Paliwang Tandilangi is the present dynastychief of Sanggala;most important area of TT.
Thank you.

Hormat saya:
DP Tick gRMK/Pusaka..

Anonim mengatakan...


My excuses for the bad translation via Google.

Yours sincerelly:
D.P. Tick gRMk/Pusaka