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Rabu, 04 Maret 2009

Correction of King Participants List

This is the correction list on the previous raja list.Unfortunately the list is made with short of documentation, because;my excuses I have to say it;many faults in it and also they call everyone here a king and a queen. Hereby I give you the many corrections.I hope Mrs. Meike can also correct it on the list for official use and also maybe send it to the coordination team in Denpasar for official use in the countries of
Europe they will visit outside Europe. When she have any questions about it she always can mail me.Okay; here are the corrections/additional following the numbers on the list.

There are only 24 real kings/dynastychiefs coming.
The total amount of attending dynasties are 36.yes,that is a considerable diminishing of the amount of people/dynasties coming,but I think the team in Indonesia made a clever selection,so that all areas are represented.
A pity only,that the Sutan of Indragiri and some of his dynastymembers are not coming and also the monarchs of Papua are not attending. Some of the areas on the list are not real former kingdoms,but only regencies,or sub-principalities.
1. He is the Raja of Badung-Denpasar. Denpasar is only a town.
Blah Batu is only a district of a principality(maybe they can tell me later from which area.I have in my documentation,but to busy to find it).
8. Is only a dynastychief,but okay,we can recognize him as candidate-raja. On Bali we better can speak about rajas (with titles Anak Agung,Tjokorda,or Dewa Agung) 9/10 are only representatives of the Sultan of Dompu on the siland of Sumbawa.I know the sultan.
11-17 are from Lombok;the Sasak people(also there are the Hindu-people). Actually none are officially installed.But okay,we say,they are dynastychiefs,or if they really want raja.Actually the male royalty/nobility here has the title lalu before their name and as Raja they have the title Datu mostly.Where exactly is Sokong,I do not know.Maybe my sasak specilaist in Indonesia can tell me,or someone else.Thank you for that. Very strangemthat they talk 3 times about a King of Sokong.Porbably only the first is the raja,the others only dynastymembers (or:the one with Datu before his name).The one called King of Pejanggik must be Lalu Mahdaraini.Sometimes he says he is raja of Selaparang.Probably in the same area.With overlapping historical claims.
In the NTT section we see the rajas of Timor.The first one must be Usif Pah.Already installed.From Kupang he is Usif.Not officially installed.24.Amabi is Fettor-raja.22 is the Liurai of Malakka(mind the spelling!)

26: He is sultan
28: He is Panembahan
29: He is Sultan Sri Kesuma Negara V
31: Candidate Panembahan
32: He is only representative of the Tuhan Besar dynasty of Kubu(or
Maybe of another branch of the dynasty.But I do not think so).
33: Candidate Panembahan.
34: He is Sultan Jamaluddin II
35: He is only the brother of the Sultan 36:He is maybe son of Maradia of Mamuju in Mandar area/see Sulbar(West Sulawesi),but this name is
placed het wrongly,because this is East-Kalimantan.
37: He is Candidate Sultan,or at least dynastychief of Sambaliung(mind
the spelling) in Berau area.
38: He is not the sultan of Banjarmasin.I know the Candidate Sultan of
Banjarmasin(so not Banjar)and that is the Bupati of Banjar.My wife is a
princess of Banjarmasin,so that is why I know it very good abiuyt this
this dynasty.Maybe His Highness Gusti Marhusin can tell me,what is
exactly the function of this royal in the dynasty.
40: Only the representative of the Arumpone(raja)of Bone.I know the
Candidate Arumpone.
41/42: Only sub-rajas.
43: He is Raja Andi Abdul Rauf Maro Karaeng Rewa of Tallo.The areas in Sulsel and Sulbar( south and west Sulawesi)have royals with Andi before their name.That is the royal title for Prince/Princess.More polite to put that on the list before their name.I think.
45: He is the Karaeng of Sanrabone(mid the completer writing of the name of the principality)
47: Only a regent,not a king.
49: Maybe they mean Suppa with it.I know the name of the(main) Candidate Datu of Suppa,so this royal only the representative of the Candidate Datu.
50: Only the representative of the Raja of Banggai.I know the present raja.
51: The same one as nr. 36
53: He is the son of the Maradia of Binuang.I hoope later to know ,which of the attenduing sons of the kings are also crownprinces.
55: Only representative of the Maradia of Balanipa.I know the present maradia.As you see the title of raja in Mandar area is Maradia.
57: The representative of the Maradia of Majene.The word Banggai must be actually BanggaE and that is a sub/vasal-pincipality in Majene.
58: He is Sultan Basharsyah II
60: He is the minor-Sultan of Deli
62: He is Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin III
64: He is not the king(actually the name of the monarch of Solo/Surakarta is Susuhunan and that is Emperor),but only a representative of the dynasty.
65: He is the Candidate Panembahan.Sumenep is on Madura.His name is Raden Pangeran Abdul Mukarram Judo Adingrat
I hoope all of you can use it.


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Kupang mengatakan...

Dear readers;

Sokong,or Sokong Semarkaton lies in the N of Lombok and with Mambalan is the only dynasty,which really functions as a dynasty complete like the dynasties on Java and the like.
I hope,that my Sasak Lombok specilaist can tell me in due time more about it.
Hormat saya:
D.P. Tick etc.

Anonim mengatakan...

This "great tour" of "kings" is already a failure. In Germany everybody waiting but no kings, not even a telephone that trip obviously canceled!!

Anonim mengatakan...

The reason why they are not coming to Europe is because the King Bali Raja Ida Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pemecutan, chairman of the FSKN and it’s secretary did not take care of the travel arrangements as it supposed to be, to put it mildly. The chairman of the Association of Indonesia Tour and Travel Agencies' (ASITA) Bali office, Aloysius Purwa, urged ASITA members Monday not to engage in any business activities with the All Nusantara Royal Palaces Fellowship (FSKN), after it allegedly deceived two travel operators, including one belonging to Purwa. Purwa said the case involving KCB and the FSKN took place in November 2008 when the fellowship hired the tour operator to manage the transportation and lodging of delegates attending the FSKN's four-day gathering and cultural parade. KCB is not the only tour operator claiming to have been defrauded by the FSKN. The most recent case involves Jakarta-based PT Maestro Wisatama Indonesia. Anyway for the trip to Europe, comprising 280 people everything was been taken care for by the travelagency. Including a charter flight to transport the delegation from Hamburg to Berlin. Adding the FSKN had failed to fulfill its financial obligation as stated in the contract. Because the FSKN failed to provide appropriate responses, we have no choice but to send a legal censure to the organization. If the FSKN does not immediately pay its debts, then we will file a police report," the travelagency said.

Anonim mengatakan...

I'm the descendant of one of the lost family of raden gusti of banjarmasin which had come to singapore and went apart from the family...

any one can give me the info where to find my family back..?

Anonim mengatakan...

Dear Sir;

Sorry;this info is to vague.I have a big book with many lists of keturunan raja2.
Hormat saya:
DP Tick gRMK/Pusaka

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