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Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009

Marriage of Crownprince of Sintang (W-Borneo, Indonesia)

Ceremony of Crownprince of Sintang (Kalimantan Barat) Marriage
on Saturday, 08 August 2009 at Istana Al-Muqarramah of Sintang

All Picture from Father Jacques Maessen/Yayasan Cobus/Sintang.

The quite big and important area of Sintang in West-Kalimantan was one of the first areas,where it's ruler was installed again as cultural-monarch.
Because the sultan is also the chief of the believers of the islam in the area, he could also bless the crownprince during his wedding.
Raden Barrie Danu Brata is the son of the late Drs. Raden Muhammad Chalidi Ismail Tsafiudin (who after World War II was the eligible prince to become the new Panembahan of Sintang. The Panembahan here and all other monarchs of Japan were killed by Japan in 1944). When this dynastychief died, his sons were considered to young and unexperienced to become the new dynastychief, or Panembahan of Sintang.
So his brother Raden Ikhsani Ismail Tsafiudin became the new dynastychief and later Panembahan and Sultan (Sri Kesumana Negara V). Because the present sultan has only daughters, the sons of his older brother are 1st and 2nd now in the line of succession.
The dynasties of West-Kalimantan are very active in preserving the royal culture in their areas and trying to preserve also their function in the positive way.

D.P. Tick
I. Festivana

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