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Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

New Raja of Banggai Named

We have just received the info, that as 23rd tomundo, or raja of Banggai is proclaimed Raja Mohamad Fikran Ramadhan Iskandar Zaman.
He is the oldest son of Raja Ir. Iskandar Zaman Awaluddin, who died 27-1-2010 and was raja from 2008. Because the new raja is a minor of 16 years, his uncle Raja Muda Irawan Zaman Awaluddin will be the regent-raja.
It is not the tradition, that the new raja always must be the son of a previous raja,but in this situation the raja council (the so-called council of the basalo sangkap, or Kommisi Ampat) had decided,that now it is the best decission about it to be made.
With this proclamation Raja Mohamad Fikran Ramadhan Iskandar Zaman is probably the 2nd youngest king of Indonesia now. There are ca. 300 dynasties in Indonesia, but not all have an official proclaimed raja, or sultan.
The youngest Indonesian king at this moment is the sultan of Deli in East-Sumatra, who is 12 years old.
The sultan of Sambas in West-Kalimantan is like the new raja of Banggai also born in 1993.
The father of the new raja of Banggai was chief of the council of kings for the royal organisation FSKN for middle-Sulawesi (Sulawesi Tengah).
In march a new president of this branch of FSKN will be proclaimed.

We hope to inform you in due time about new developments in these matters.

I. Festivana
D.P. Tick gRMK

"To prevent disharmony and disunity in the raja dynasty of Banggai Raja Iskandar Zaman Awaluddin asked the FSKN to play a coordinating function concerning the succesion.
The testament and later he raja dignity staf (tongkat) were given to the secretary-general of FSKN;Pangeran Gunarso Kusumodingrat and when the new raja of under the regent-raja would be proclaimed it would be said, that the FSKN would play such a role to keep the harmony inside the dynasty.
So, when later the new raja and the regent-raja will be officially presented to the outside world, the FSKN will give the official symbol of the raja dignity to the above mentioned royals.
It is not the meaning to manipulate the succesion, but just to prevent, that claimants will enter the royal arena and deny the decission made by the basalo langkap.
That decission was made by the late raja, because he has learned from situations in some other dynasties, where disunity is beginning to control a little bit the dynastic matters.
In fact that was a wise ecission of the late raja for that reason."
Thank you all for your attention.
Salam hormat:
DP Tick

"We thank hereby also Pangeran Gunarso G. Kusumodiningrat; Secretary-General of FSKN; for being so friendly to inform us about the inner-dynastic developments regarding Banggai."