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Selasa, 28 Oktober 2008

Sultan Syarif Abubakar Alkadri of Pontianak

The Pontianak sultanate in W-Kalimantan only exists relative shortly: since 1772.
Then a businessman and descendant of the islamreligion founder Muhammad from S-Yemen; with contacts in several Kalimantan royal families, took a strategic area, which wasn't occupated because the people said was haunted by the spirits of mother, who died when given birth to babies.
Soon Pontianak became a sort of Singapore for W-Kalimantan and the dynasty now still is much occupied in business. It is also the main dynasty of W-Kalimantan in the field of political ambitious feelings.
In WW II all the kings at least of W-Kalimantan were murdured by the Japanese occupationforces, because being afriad, that the kings would work together again strongly with Holland. The present Sultan is son of the former crownprince, who also was killed in 1944.
The present Sultan is now married with a 2nd queen after the death of his first queen.
Pontianak is also called as the Venetia of W-Kalimantan and is actually an immigrants sultanate; consisted of several big group of peoples, who made agreements about the system of the state some centuries ago and where the sultan always worked closely together with the several peoples. He is the 9th sultan of Pontianak.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Anonim mengatakan...


The sultan was from 1992-1997 member of the government of the hugue city of Pontianak;the Venice of modern day Kalimantan.
On 9-2-2009 his private house in Pontianak burned down.He escaped a bad situation,because he weas not on the place,where the fire took place.

Yours sincerelly:
D.P. Tick

Egeter mengatakan...

It is noted that Sherif Abubakar is only a titular sultan. What are his responsibilities now, and what has he achieved?