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Kamis, 18 Desember 2008


From Bali:

1)The Royal couple of Badung-Denpasar

2)The Raja of Jembrana

3)Anak Agung Ugrasena;chief representative of the dynasty of Buleleng with(probably)his wife

Tjokorda Istri Suardani

4)Representatives of the rajadynasty of GianyarFrom Java:

5)A member of one of the 2 branches of the susuhunandynasty of Surakarta From Madura:

6)The candidate-Panembahan of SumenepFrom Sumbawa:

7)A representative of the Sultan's dynasty of DompuFrom Lombok:

8)H. Lalu Jumardi of the datudynasty of Kuripan

9)Lalu Mahdurain of the raja dynasty of Pejanggik

10)H. Lalu Putria and Husnul Hotimah of the datudynasty of Siladendeng

11)Lau Ahmad Sutawan and Hj. BQ Risma Biduri of the datydynasty of Praya

12)Lalu Aminuddin of the Selaparang area

13)Komang Paramita and Mrs. Rosmini of the datudynasty of LangkoFrom Sumatra:14)The

Sultan of Serdang

15)The representative of the Sultan of Deli

16)The representative of the Sultan of Langkat

17)The Sultan of Asahan

18)The dynastychief of Indragiri

19)H. Tengku Muhamad Muchtar Anum R.;the chief of the dynasticcouncil of Siak

20)Tengku Fuad and Tengku Husin Saleh of the 2 parts of the dynastic network of Riau- Lingga

21)The Royal Couple of Palembang

22)A member of the dynasty of Minangkabauw

23)The Sutan of Tulang BawangFrom Timor:

24)The Royal couple of Kupang

25)The Royal couple of AmanubanFrom Kalimantan:

26)The representative of the Panembahan of Landak

27)The candidate-Tuhan Besar of Kubu

28)The Royal couple of Sintang

29)The candidate-Panembahan of Tayan

30)The representative of the panembahandynasty chief of Sanggau

31)The Royal couple of Simpang

32)The representative of the Sultan of Bulungan

33)The represennative of the candidate-Sultan of Gunung Tabur

34)The representative of the candidate-Sultan of SambaliungFrom New-Guinea:

35)The Regent-Ratu of Sekar

36)The Raja of Wertuar

37)The dynastychief of the Kaimana Commision areaFrom Sulawesi:

38)A member of the sultan's dynasty of Gowa

39)The representative of the arumpone dynasty of Bone

40)The representative of the datudynasty of Soppeng

41)The representative of the sub-raja dynasty of Letta

42)The Raja of Tallo with (probably)his wife Hj. Siti Nurlia Tate

43)The representative of the adatuandynasty of Sidenreng

44)The Raja of Banggai with(probably) his wife H. Zulvaina Djibran

45)The Maradia of Mamuju with(probably)his wife Hj. Andi Sumpu Rusia

46)The representative of the maradiadynasty of Binuang

47)The representative of the Maradia of Balanipa

48)The representative of the maradiadynasty of Pambauang

49)The representative of the maradiadynasty of CenranaFrom Singapore:

50)A representative of the Sultan of SingaporeFrom the Philippines:

51)The representative of the Sultan of Buayan

52)The representative of the Sultan of Kabuntalan

Further there were chiefs,or representatives of noblefamilies from different parts of Indonesia like Ir. Abdullah Malawat;the Laupati of Mamala;an area on Ambon.He is also chief of the area chiefs of the S-Moluccans.Many kings and dynastychiefs were already not on the Royal Festival anymore at this time.Their names will follow later.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"

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