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Kamis, 22 Januari 2009

East-West Cultural Royal Bali Tour 2009

Rajas and Sultans will visit Europe to promote tourism in Indonesia in March 2009

Message (2): 20 January 2009
by: Ferdy de Smeth van Alphen

From the 10th to the 27th of March a group of 80 royals from kingdoms from all over the Republic of Indonesia will visit several European countries to promote tourism in their country in general and specifically in their kingdoms.
This ‘East-West Cultural Royal Bali Tour’ has the strong support of the Indonesian Government; i.e. the Ministry for Culture and Tourism, as well as the Ministry of Transport.
The kings will be guided by the chairman of the Forum Silaturahmi Keraton Se-Nusantara (FSKN): His Royal Highness The King of Denpasar IX Raja Ida Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pemecutan. The King and his retinue will visit the following countries in Europe:

Date(s): Destination – Countries:

10-13 March Germany – Berlin (ITB messe)
13-16 March Monaco
16-19 March France
19-22 March Great Brittan – London
22-26 March The Netherlands

The main objectives of the East-West Cultural Royal Bali Tour are:

- Receiving the award for The World's Best Spa (in Berlin – ITB Messe) by The King of Denpasar, Bali,
- To attract tourism - specifically eco tourists and cultural tourists - to the various
Kingdoms of Indonesia,
- Connect and make friendships with various leaders in our destination countries,
ideally with the Royal Families and other members of the European nobility,
- To establish links with groups focused on the conservation of cultural and natural
- To explore opportunities for business partnerships, specifically in Green Investments
like solar energy, geothermal, wind power and trade of sustainably harvested products.

Background Information:
- The Indonesian kings want to carry their message to the world ; the message that while
accepting modernity, we must learn to live again in harmony with nature, with people
from different backgrounds, and with various religions. In other words, they carry the
message of the national motto - Unity in Diversity. We Are All One.
- Therefore the Kings would also like to make symbolic gestures such as planting trees,
perhaps donating to orphanages, and making symbolic gestures to bridge leaders of
various faiths together. The King of Denpasar will be bringing religious leaders from
Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic and Protestant faiths.
- In the interests of preserving Indonesian culture, the delegates would also like to meet
with various experts in the cultural fields - these could be professors from
Universities, museum curators, etc.
- In 2006 FSKN – or the Association of the Royal Palace in Indonesia, as they like to
call themselves in English - was established with 57 member palaces. Now the
number of its members has risen to 118 palaces. The role of the FSKN in Indonesia
perceived by its board is as follows: The traditional palaces were one of the means to
develop national culture. This is why the association’s members believed they need to
maintain their community in a spirit of fraternity.
- Besides King Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pemecutan IX who is the chairman, the board
of the FSKN consists of a secretary: H.R.H. Prince Gurnaso of Surakarta. And the
treasury of the FSKN is Mr. A. Fanggiday, now chef de mission for this East-West
Cultural Royal Bali Tour,
- drs. Ferdy baron de Smeth van Alphen, from Amsterdam – The Netherlands, visited
the 1st South East Asia Culture Royal Festival & Exposition in Bali, in November
2008, on behalf of the European Nobility and is now appointed to act on behalf of
King Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pemecutan IX in the capacity of “Ambassadeur
Extraorordinaire” together with the organisation committee for the preparation of the
Royal Journey to Europe.

-A. Fanggiday; Chef de Mission, Tel. +62 813 3636 0151 / +62 817 978 1524,
Raja Ida Tjokorda Denpasar IX, J Veteran 62, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia,
drs. Ferdy baron de Smeth van Alphen, Haringvlietstraat 18, 1078KC Amsterdam, +31 20 6 5025
3939 (GSM), +31 20 516 05 47 (office), e-mail:

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Anonim mengatakan...

Also further information can be asked from the Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan2 di Indonesia "Pusaka'/Documentation Centre of the Indonesian Principalities "Pusaka" in Vlardingen/Holland at .
We are working together with the coordination team of this project.
Thank you for your attention.

Anonim mengatakan...

The reason why they are not coming to Europe is because the King Bali Raja Ida Tjokorda Ngurah Jambe Pemecutan, chairman of the FSKN and it’s secretary did not take care of the travel arrangements as it supposed to be, to put it mildly. The chairman of the Association of Indonesia Tour and Travel Agencies' (ASITA) Bali office, Aloysius Purwa, urged ASITA members Monday not to engage in any business activities with the All Nusantara Royal Palaces Fellowship (FSKN), after it allegedly deceived two travel operators, including one belonging to Purwa. Purwa said the case involving KCB and the FSKN took place in November 2008 when the fellowship hired the tour operator to manage the transportation and lodging of delegates attending the FSKN's four-day gathering and cultural parade. KCB is not the only tour operator claiming to have been defrauded by the FSKN. The most recent case involves Jakarta-based PT Maestro Wisatama Indonesia. Anyway for the trip to Europe, comprising 280 people everything was been taken care for by the travelagency. Including a charter flight to transport the delegation from Hamburg to Berlin. Adding the FSKN had failed to fulfill its financial obligation as stated in the contract. Because the FSKN failed to provide appropriate responses, we have no choice but to send a legal censure to the organization. If the FSKN does not immediately pay its debts, then we will file a police report," the travelagency said.

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