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Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

Biggest Royal Local Indonesia Festival Starts Again

All Picture are from Mr. Agri

In the centre of the oldest Indonesian kingdom; Kutai,or more officially Kutai Kartanegara ing Martadipura; the sultan's dynasty with the help of the government of the Kabupaten (district) Kutai Kartanegara; has begun on sunday again to start the royal local festival called Festival Erau.
Erau is a royal festival made to remember the founding of the last royal residence called Tenggarong ca. 250 years ago and to keep the contact between the royal family and the history and the people strong.
Kutai with it's ca. 1600 years of existence is the oldest kingdom of Indonesia.
Because of it's oil it is also the most richest area of Indonesia,so with this oilwealth it can bring back in a very interesting way the traditional culture and history for every one in Indonesia and from abroad.
It started on sunday 26 july in the old sultan's palace (and museum) Keraton Mulawarman with a ceremony called Mendirikan Ayu. It was interesting to see,that more and more the Crownprince Aji Pangeran Adipati Prabu Anum Surya Adiningrat takes over the leading responsibilities from his 84 years old father Sultan Haji Aji Mohammad Salehoeddin II.
The sultan wants to make the crownprince more and more acquianted with the royal duties he has now and in the future.
Before there were also some rituals to prepare the Erau Festival. Exactly 4 days before it started with the Beluluh Ceremony for the sultan and the crownprince in the nearby the old palace lying new palace (ready as a palace 7 years ago, but built in a traditional style; wednesday).
Then on thursday there was the Menjamu Benua ceremony to remember, that the Erau Festival has to do with the past.
Then finally the Merangin ceremony was held on thursday, friday and sunday night.
The actual Erau Festival will take place from 26 july until 3 august.
It is not only a festival of display of royal culture,but also of the general local culture and of the cultures which later came to the sultanate of Kutai and last but not least also to make a good cooperationship between the original 2 peoples;the Dayaks and the Melayu peoples; and all the other people, who now stay in Kutai Kartanegara.
Officials of the other Kutai districts and also many people from everywhere are going to the very pleasant royal town of Tenggarong, where most of the Erau Festival takes place.This is a town, which is called by many people as the Brunei of Indonesia:because of it's wealth, display of royal culture, but which still could retain it's historical beauty.
It is extraordinary to see every time,when the bi-anual Erau Festival is held, how proud the young people are about their own culture.
The displays of the f.i. royal dances have a real genuine atmosphere in itself. That is because the Kutai sultan's dynasty are one of the few dynasties in Indonesia, who really dedicated themselves always to keep the traditional culture alive.
With this the Kutai people are still happy to have the roots of their own culture.
And a genuine feeling in an old culture is that what a culture everywhere makes it so interesting.
May the heart of the Kutai culture always remains in it.

D.P. Tick
I. Festivana

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