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Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

King of Barru visits Holland

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In S.W.-Sulawesi; near the city of Makassar; lies the area of Barru. The candidate-king of Barru is His Highness Haji Andi Hasanudin Petta Tawang. He is the in 1932 born son of the last great king, or Arung of Barru: Arung I Jonjo Karaeng Limbangparang (1908-1945).
The dynasty of Barru was quite attached to the dynasty of the very powerfull sultans of Gowa. When Andi Hasanudin will be installed later he will be ca. the 24th ruler of Barru. Like happens more times in modern day Indonesia the present Arung is now making a book about the history of the principality of Indonesia and like they also say in other areas of Indonesia : "Our history is for a big part lying in the Dutch archives.".
For that reason the king will arrive in Holland on the 23th of july this year with a governmentdelegation of 9 people of the kabupaten(district)of Barru. This district also contains the 2 former principalities of Tanette and Malusetassi.
Also we hope, that with this visit the contacts between Holland and this part of Indonesia will be a bit restored.

D.P. Tick gRMK/Pusaka.

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Barru itu dimana yaah? di sulawesi kan?

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Barru is north from the city of Makassar.
Is in the Kabupaten Barru.Look on internet for more info.Also the former kerajaan Tanette is in it.

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