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Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

New raja of Rumbati was Already Selected and Proclaimed 30-11-2009

In Papua 2 sons of recently deceased rajas were proclaimed recently.
The 2 rajas are:
Raja Abubakar Saleh Bauw;son of the on 29-11-2009 deceased Raja Haji Ismail Samali Bauw of Rumbati and Raja Taufiq Heru Uswanas;son of the on 24-12-2009 deceased Raja Said Arobi Uswanas of Fatagar.
The new raja of Rumbati was proclaimed after the 40 days of general mourning on 8-1-2009 and the new raja of Fatagar was proclaimed after 7
days of strong mourning on 31-12-2009.
I try to inform you about these 2 new monarchs of Papua in due time.

D.P. Tick gRMK
I. Festivana

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The present raja of Rumbati is chief of the department of agriculture of the kabupaten of Fak Fak.