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Kamis, 01 April 2010

Tidore (North-Maluku) has New Palace

Tidore, KOMPAS - Sultan Tidore 36th, Djafar Sjah, began living in kadaton-called Java-once the palace of the building was completely built in March 2010 in the City Tidore, North Maluku. This new history for the Sultanate Tidore for nearly a century old has not Tidore kadaton.
Building kadaton made similar kadaton original building.
- Djafar Sjah

Sultan Tidore Djafar Sjah, Sunday (28 / 3), said the development of new kadaton start was made in 1997 by the government. Because of limited funds allocated each year, phased construction and newly completed mid March 2010.

"Building kadaton kadaton made similar to the original building by looking at pictures ever made when it is colonizing the Netherlands and other historical evidence," he said.

After kadaton completely built, the Sultan and the Sultanate of customary holders Tidore, March 17 and then, spreading crown sodoro rituals, which transfer the crown of the Sultan to kadaton. Previously, the crown kept in museums in Tidore.

"The Emperor and the crown are two forces that are not integral. Therefore, both must be in its rightful place, namely in kadaton, "observers said the history of the Sultanate of Tidore, Lahman Saleh.

Kadaton building is a building that formerly was built in the reign of Sultan Muhammad Muttahiddin (1811-1831) in 1812. It takes about 50 years to complete the construction of which was given the name kadaton Kadato this Kie, or about the year 1861.

Muttahiddin post-Sultan, the sultan of development followed two successors, namely Sultan al Mansyur Ahmadul Mansyur Chalifahtullah Sirajuddin (1831-1856) and Sultan Ahmad Syaifudin (1856-1865).

The last sultan who occupy kadaton is Qawiuddin Syahdjuan Sultan Ahmad (1894-1905). Post-coup Sultan Syahdjuan inter-child descendant of Sultan for seven years. This condition is exploited by the Dutch colonizers direct lift of an emperor.

Prime Minister of the Sultanate of Tidore Nau Tjenge who holds the government at that time have destroyed kadaton as a form of resistance against Dutch colonial policy.

Pay officers kadaton

In sodoro ritual crown, the sovereign is not allowed to leave kadaton for 44 days. Every Sunday night and Wednesday night, the sovereign must remembrance praised room, where the crown is stored in kadaton.

Lahman Saleh added that the existence of kadaton and return the crown to the sultan and the momentum of rise kadaton Tidore Sultanate. "Ritual and other traditions that have long since have strived to be raised again so that citizens know their heritage and the positive values of each tradition," he said.

Djafar Sjah said, it could be performed if there is support from government funds. "Currently, we are still puzzled how to employ the officers in kadaton because there are no funds allocated," he said. (APA)

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