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Selasa, 27 Juli 2010

Meangkat Batang Tarandam Kesultanan Banjar

Sultanate of Banjar Batang Meangkat Tarandam
Young King, Middle Way from Three Lines Descendants of The King

Hotels Arum probably will witness the revival of the Sultanate of Banjar. For tomorrow, Saturday (24 / 7), a descendant of the king of Banjar, the Gusti, antung, Andin, Anang gathered here, to appoint a Viceroy.

Ramli ARISNO, Martapura.

Why just the Viceroy might as well not to appoint a Sultan of Banjar? The question was thrown away when talking to the Chairman FSKN (Forum Gathering of the Palace as the Archipelago) South Kalimantan Region Ir HG also Khairul Saleh Banjar Regent.
As he invited the author to enjoy a cup of Zam-Zam water, by-the return of the worship umra, Khairul said why.
"This is for the sake of uniting the zuriat Banjar king," he said. When judging from history, especially since the arrival of the Dutch to the Banjar land against invaders until the war ended with the collapse of the power of the Sultanate of Banjar around the year 1905, raises as many royal lines who feel most entitled to be appointed to the sultan.
Prince Zuriat Hidayatullah, for example. Based on the testament of Sultan Adam, he wanted his grandson who resided in Karang Intan (Prince Hidayat, red) became king. Unfortunately, this will not happen because the conditions at that time politics were in turmoil caused by the intervention of the Netherlands. Company intend to lift the Prince Tamjidillah even become king. The Netherlands wants and who finally accomplished. Tamjid prince became king.
Some of the old king, the Netherlands seems to catch another sign of the Prince who wanted to restore kekuasaanya Tamjid into the hands of his brother, Prince Hidayatullah. Dutch angry and throw Hidayatulah. Banjar kingdom was dissolved. "Well, from here there are two lineages (descendants of Prince and Princess Tamjid Hidayatullah) who is entitled to be king later on," said Khairul.
Not to mention the descendants of Prince Inu Kertapati or better known as Prince Antasari, appointed by the people of the interior of Kalimantan, became king and continued resistance to the Dutch. After his death, power passed to his son, Prince Seman until the year 1905. "With the descendants of Prince Antasari, there were three kings of the lineage are equally entitled to be elected as a sovereign," concluded Khairul.
So, with reason to prevent the possible emergence of cross-opinion, enough is appointed Viceroy, or setaralah with the grand vizier or prime minister's office today. "With the spirit with all the parties to stem meangkat tarandam, reviving the noble values of local wisdom of the past Sultanate of Banjar," said Khairul.
Emphasized, this association does not intend to started the return of feudalism. But a itjihad to excavate, preserve and revive the values of wisdom from the Sultanate of Banjar as the government center and the cultural ideas of the past.
Viceroy will also be given the authority raised its stake in the indigenous district level to levels below him. Including granting titles of nobility to the people who excel in South Kalimantan and raised a good area. "For example, Gusti Hatta (Minister of LH, ed). He could have given a higher degree kebangsawan, a Prince Hatta," said Khairul again.
Deliberation of the kings of Banjar tomorrow zuriat plan also attended by the Prince of Surakarta Palace, Prince Haryo Kanjeng Kusumodiningrat, who served as Secretary General FSKN, South Kalimantan Governor Rudy Ariffin, Cultural Academics, and prominent figures of South Kalimantan. *

* All Articles is translated from Radar Banjarmasin


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