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Kamis, 11 September 2008

Lombok, Gowa & Luwu

Centre (with moustache): a Raja from East-Lombok. In 1740 the Raja of the Balinese Hindu principality of karangasem could conquer West-Lombok. East came under the influence of the Sultan of Gowa(north of Lombok). In 1849 total Lombok was united under the rule of the Raja of Karangasem. But in 1894 the resistence became to big for him and because of the help of the Dutch the Raja of Lombok(as he was known then and not of Karangasem, because the Lombok branch was now ruling over Lombok and Karangasem) lost in battle against the Dutch.
The East-Lombok rajas who were in f.i. the Bali time districtchiefs only and in the Dutch time also, always kept their semi-indepence more or less in the eyes of their people. That is why,that they are coming back now as dynastychiefs at least. The united Lombok monarchy ceased to exist in 1894.

Picture 2nd from l the on 25-7-2008 installed 38th raja, or Karaeng of Sanrabone : Karaeng Andi Ali Malongbasang.
Sanrabone is a little principality in the Makassar area in the extreme SW of Sulawesi. Actually it was under the sway of Gowa(=Makassar) and ruled by a prince from Bone, but in 1667 seperated from it. Gowa and Sanrabone royalty married much with each other. In 1865 the principality became a direct ruled area. But the dynasty kept on delivering the regent for the area.

The man with the high cap is Raja Andi Rustam Paga of Bastem; a vasal-principality in Luwu (middle Sulawesi) and Representative of the Monarch (Datu) of Luwu.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Dear readers;

In medio 2008 espacially in the network of the Bugis,Makasarese(SW Sulawesi)and mandar(W Sulawesi)a new(3rd)organisation of the Indonesian dynasties was founded:Associasi Kerajaan Keraton Indonesia(AKKI).They want to bring also must energy in the work for the Indonesian dynasties,try to give shape in a creative way to the ideal of reviving the royal culture of Indonesia and the functioning of the dynasties in the Indonesian society.
Because other initiatives in that matter made very occupied organisations,who to some matters could not pay attention,they decided to make a 3rd organisation of representation of the Indonesian dynasties:AKKI,or Association of the Indonesian Royal Palaces.
The secretary-general of AKKI is one of the 2 Sultans of Palembang:Sultan Iskandar Mahmud Badaruddin.
The 2nd secretary-general is Raja Andi Rustam Paga of Bastem.
Next month they will officially prolaim their organisation as the 3rd Indonesian organisation of the representation of the Indonesian dynasties and also the first,of which an Indonesian king is the secretary-general.
The first ever founded representation organisation of the Indonesian dynasties is Forum Komunikasi dan Informasi Keraton se Nusantara(FKIKN).They have plans to work together heavily.
AKKI already has a big group of dynasties working together now.The before already organised kings an dynastychiefs of SW an W Sulawesi in one of the representationorganisations of the Indonesian dynasties are mostly member of AKKI.
We really hope,that the 3rd representation organisation of the Indonesian dynasties;Forum Silaturahmi Keraton se Nusanatara(FKN)will later also work together with each other,because for bringing back the history of Indonesia via the sources about the Indonesian kindoms/principalites and letting revive the very interesting Indonesian culture,it is very important,that Indonesian dynasties will work together and try to help each other wherever it is possible.Or to say like this:work (royal)shoulder to shoulder.
May God give them wisdom to find a good way to be able to do that.

Yours sincerelly:
DP Tick

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The royal from Lombok(being described by some as the dynastychief/representative of the dynasty of Sile Dendeng(...???)
also attends royal meetings in Indonesia as representative of the Dewan Majelis Adat Lombok(the traditional council organisation of Lombok/Sasak people).
He comes from Ketare town,which is an little town in S-Lombok;before lying in the quite important principality of Pejanggik,which is in middle- and S-Lombok.

Thank you for your attention.

DP Tick gRMK/Pusaka.

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Dear readers;

Asociasi is the right spelling of the first word in AKKI name;royal organisation in Indonesia.

My excuses.

Salam hormat:
DP Tick gRMK

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Dear Readers;

I am sorry.I made a mistake again.The 1st wird must be asosiasi.

Thank you again.

Salam hormat:
DP Tick