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Kamis, 30 April 2009

Crownprince of Kutai will visit Holland in may 2009

About Picture Above : On this recent picture during a royal ritual event you can see from left to right the Crownprince and Crownprincess of Kutai, H.R.H. Aji Melinda Delyna Sari (one of their 3 daughters) and Drs. Muhammad Agri Winata;official representative of the royal family of Kutai for the foreign countries and maintainer of a website about Kutai (also royal) at .
He is also descendant of one of the sultans of Kutai and known, for always writing and talking about royal and general Kutai in an interesting way.

His Royal Highness Aji Pangeran Adipati Surya Adiningrat;the Crownprince of Kutai, with the Crownprincess H.R.H. Raden Puspa Kencana;accompagnied by a royal delegation will visit in may 2009;as representative of his father Sultan Aji Haji Mohammad Salehoeddin II, the Netherlands.
The meaning for this 2nd Kutai royal visit in 2 years to the Netherlands will be the promotion of the royal and general culture of Kutai (as a sultanate officially known as Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura) the Kingdom of the (prosperous) Kutai and Kutai-Martadipura (a former statelett with whom it merged ca. 500 years ago).
Kutai is known as the oldest kingdom of Indonesia (already existing ca. 1600 years) and nowadays known as an area whose dynasty is able to show very much yearly of their culture and history.
The mostly yearly Eraufestival (remembrance of the settlement of the dynasty at his present residence;meant to uphold a good contact between the population and the royal family) is a good example of that.
The old and last used palace in the time, that the sultans still were ruling officially over Kutai is now a museum which displays royal and general local objects.
Nearby is the modern, but built in traditional style, palace, which is now the official residence of the sultan (although he lives mostly in a villa nearby).
The beautifull royal graves at 2 places (one near the old palace) and other items makes it very fascinating (and it makes you amazed, that nearly unknown, there is such an interesting place in Indonesia) to go there for a while.
Kutai is known for it's relaxed atmosphere.
Very beautifull nature nearby.
The royal city of Tenggarong along the Mahakam-river is a nice place. Kutai is the most prosperous area(oil;also it is called "the Brunei of Indonesia") of Indonesia and it is also a rare place,where prosperity has preserved the old culture (and atmopshere).
The in Holland as Aji Arifin born crownprince(his father studied at a Dutch university in the 1950-ies) is a governmentofficial (like his father was before) and;because of the age of his father (83 years) he is more and more representing his father and the local government at royal meetings,promotionactivities, ritual meetings,etc.
His father still maintains in a wonderfull and strong way his role as King of Kutai;at least as a focuspoint for the cultural identity of the Kutai area.
Because of the works of the previous Bupati of Kutai Kartanegara, Dr. Syaukani, Kutai could see many stimulating activities to preserve the rich and interesting royal culture of Kutai.
It is wonderfull to see, that even outside Java the young Indonesian generation is very eager to listen and learn from the older generations the old dances,the old histories, the old music,etc.All are proud also to have preserved their old culture.
That is very nice to experience in Indonesia: the motto of the coat of arms of Indonesia is Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) and espacially in the last years the young schoolgoing people are teached the meaning and ability to perform their old culture.
The present crownprince and crownprincess of Kutai play a major role in such activities together with the Sultan and other members of the dynasty.
From 21 may until 1 june 2009 there will be the very big Indonesian fair in Den Haag/Holland: the Tong Tong Festival (very near the Central Railway station).
The royal delegation of Kutai with a cultural general delegation will attend this festival.
Very precious and interesting:nowadays rarely such high Indonesian royals visit the Netherlands, with whom it was connected in the past also in good ways.

Probably the royal delegation (they will have a special contactplace at the festival) will stay in Holland for ca. 1 1/2 week.
More precise details we hope to give you as soon as possible after messages received from the local government and royal dynasty.

D.P. Tick


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Kupang mengatakan...

Dear all;

The more popular known Aji Arfin;the crownprince of Kutai,with a royal- and general delegation,will arrive in Holland on sunday.They will appear at the Tong Tong Fair in Den Haag to promote the general- and royal culture of Kutai.Kutai is the oldest kingdom of Indonesia.Already ca. 1600 years old.
On 25 may on 12.30 some royal court dances will be performed.27 may a general Melayu Kutai dance also at 12.30 and 29 may a Dayak dance;also performed at the by the embassy organised Indonesia day at 20.00 in Museon Den Haag.

Yours sincerelly:
DP Tick

Harga Komputer mengatakan...

Wew kutai still have prince?

Anonim mengatakan...


Thank you again for your interest.Kutai not only still have a crownprince,but also a sultan.He was the first Indonesian king(in 2001),who was allowed officially to be installed again.
Look for the now taking place royal Erau Festival in the capital of Kutai;Tenggarong;from 26 july until 3 august on the site .

Succes and pleasure with it and an interesting time.

Hormat saya;
DP Tick

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Kupang mengatakan...

Dear Madam;

Nice to see your eraction.But most iof it I can not read,because I do not understand Vhinese.

Thank you.

Salam hormat:
DP Tick

Kupang mengatakan...

Dear Madam;

I am sorry to have written tio fast.Of course I meant:thank you to see your reaction/message,but I can not read your Chinese text.

Thank you.

Salam hormat:
DP Tick