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Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009

Royal National Indonesian Conference 5-7 august 2009

The National Royal Conference;Silaturahmi Nasional Lembaga Kerajaan dan Kesultanan Nusantara;which will take place in Jakarta from 5 until 7 august 2009.
It is organised by the Forum Komunikasi dan Informasi Keraton se Nusantara (FKIKN);the 2nd largest royal organisation of Indonesia;and will be attended by 2 of the 3 other royal organisations:AKKI and FKKAS(only active on Sulawesi).
The real conference will take place from 5 august in the evening and shall end with a meeting of all the kings, rajas, dynastychiefs and other important royalty at the palace of President Susilo Bambang Yudhyono at 7 august.
Such a royal meeting was also done at this presidential palace in november 2008, when there was a big conference of the 4th royal organisation FSKN.
The members hope to talk with the president about the support of a revival of interest, preservance of knowledge of the royal culture and history.
There are all kind of projects. One of it is the making of an encyclopedy about all the ca. 300 dynasties of Indonesia.
It is hoped, that also the unity were be talked about. That the 4 royal organisations in the future will work as harmonious organisations.
May God blesses this initiative.

Ir. I. Festivana

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I am sorry:it seems the conference will take place 7-9 august in Jakarta.

Thank you.

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