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Kamis, 13 November 2008

Introduction : Faiq Doole, Descendent of Bantam Dynasty

I’m a (Faiq Doole) Descendant of exiled prince TOBAGIES DOELLA (Ab- doella) of Bantam (west Java), according to family genealogical records and Mr.Tuan Arifin Burah’s book the exiled year was mentioned as 1786 AD. {still unable to find out his exiled year from the Dutch records, but in Dutch political council [D.P.C] minutes at Sri Lanka National Archives Colombo, D.P.C- {1/193} 21st June 1786, {1/196} 12th April 1787)(under state exiles heading: 1/3956) his name was mentioned}), when the Dutch were defeated By the British (1796AD) and later to accept British service, he had to swear allegiance to the king of England (in 1810 AD), for which purpose he had hidden his identity by changing his name & retaining a part of the original phonetically sounds and was called BABA IBRAHIM DOOLE. I’m representing the 6th Generation.
• I guess TOBAGIES DOELLA (Ab-doella, [in Dutch oe=u], Ab-dulla) should be a descendant of last recognised Sultan of Bantam, Abdul Fatah Agung [Abul Fath Abdul Fattah, Ageng Tirtayasa ] (1651-1672,died: 1692AD,in Batavia) in 1683 AD, Dutch reduced Sultan to vassalage.

• Mr.Burah mentioned in his book(“SAGA OF THE EXILED ROYAL JAVANESE UN EARTHED”), In the terms of the Treaty of the Capitulation of Colombo concluded on the 27th of February 1796 the Dutch proposed British to allow these Javanese to return to Java, Later the British given the option to stay in Ceylon or to return to Java. (first batch left Ceylon on Wednesday 30th December 1807 & Second batch Sailed on Saturday 9th January 1808, the exiles( 8 Princes Didn’t return) who stayed back in Ceylon had accepted military service [commissioned] of the British, they forced to drop their royal & Princely title & changed their names to conceal the Identity.

• I was able to access to the Dutch documents with the help of Mr. Albert Vandan Belt (Amsterdam), when he was on a short visit to Sri Lanka (from S.L.N.A- SL, Archives, though he was very busy with his work, he speared time for me, he did his level best to find more information( from Dutch VOC records) about my ancestor, but couldn’t. he advised me to establish contacts with the Banten (Bantam) Royalty members or organizations, so that some times there is a possibility of getting a clue.(eg. Traditionalist, etc), I ‘m trying my level best to establish contacts, but at the moment it has been a difficult task. The language and the Level of interest they have on this matter, are the main issues for me. If I can get a small Clue relating to my Ancestor then it will be a personal Victory for me. Because I started my research at the age of 15 years, now I’m 28 years old (bachelor, born in 13.11.1979).

Baba Tajul Arifin Doole(2nd Generation)(b: 1819, died 29th July 1909AD) ( Chief headman, Un official Police Magistrate, Justice of peace: 48 years service under British with high dignity).

If any information please email me to :

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Anonim mengatakan...


So;the forefather of this Banten prince in permament exile in Sri Lanka fought ca. 200 years ago,for what he thought as the independence of Bantensultanate.
Now he hopes to see the graves of his forefathers and touch with his feet the soil of the country of his forefathers,but because he lives now in the little bit troublesome Republic of Sri Lanka(Tamil sepetaism before),the Indonesian government now asks a sponsorletter for the stay of 5 days for this exiled son of Indonesian soil.
The Banten royal family do not want to send that,beca7use they think it is a very problematic piece of pater,which it is not.It is only a piece of paper.
The Banten prince will go back to his 200 years old place of exile;Sri Lanka;after the 5 days.
I hope,that it is possible,that his wish will be fullfilled.

Yours sincerelly:
D.P. Tick

Anonim mengatakan...


Sorry I talked like this before,but I was a bit emotional and the Prince is already reaming for 15 years,that he can go to the country of his forefathers(which is quite understandable), but until nowm he did not get that help,that it made it possible,that he really can go.He has money to buy the plainticket to Indonesia,to say there 5 days and he do not want to do illegal things,but it seems,that until now no one really believes him.

That makes it a bit a big disappoijntment for him and me.
Sorry I say this.
I reallyn hoept,at some help will come from somewhere.

Yours sincerelly:
DP Tick

Anonim mengatakan...

Why is doole exiled to Sri Lanka in first place?