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Kamis, 12 November 2009

Present Situation of the Pakualaman Dynasty (Yogjakarta-area)

YOGYAKARTA - Puro Pakualaman internal conflict since 1999 seems to have ended earlier. After waiting for a family reconciliation for 10 years there was no clarity, some son of the late KGPAA Paku Alam VIII in the near future will hold the event jumenengan Paku Alam IX.

"Until now jumenengan Paku Alam IX has never existed. If there is any feeling has become Paku Alam IX, go ahead. As a family we do not recognize," said KPH Anglingkusumo, one the son of Paku Alam VIII accompanied by two younger brother and KPH KPH Songkokusumo time Widjojokusumo held a press conference on Friday Pakualaman Sewotomo Ward (16/10) yesterday.

"Insha Allah time soon. We're waiting for the right time," added Widjojokusumo.

Half jokingly, Angling said that if the present, one brother KPH Ambarkusumo often called the PA, then he was also greeted with calls PA.

"PA is one that Mr. Ambar, if I'm Mr. Angling," he said with a smile.

Plan jumenengan Paku Alam IX by Anglingkusumo and brother-sister did not seem to escape the emergence of case-ground enclosure Pakualaman Ground (PAG) in a number of locations in the later Kulonprogo.

Fixing action that makes some locals nervous. Aftermath of the case, the Regent Kulonprogo Toyo S Dipo chance to speak. Like Radar Jogja proclaimed Wednesday (14/10), after meeting with the Association of All Indonesian village device (APDESI) Kulonprogo, Toyo expressed doubt support the establishment of RUUK DIJ.

The reason, he was concerned with the set Paku Alam felt strongly that it can act arbitrarily. Case enclosure unilaterally claimed status PAG, said Regent is one example.

Responding to accusations that Toyo, both Angling and asked regents Kulonprogo technocrats do not generalize gebyah eyebrows salt Puro Pakualaman relatives.

Say, as an heir Paku Alam VIII, Angling said never assign or remove kekancingan against individuals or institutions on behalf of Paku Alaman lands set in Kulonprogo.

Until now Angling said he was still in office or such Kartiprojo Pengageng public works concurrently head of the office museum.Sedangkan Widjojo Pengageng Reh Njawi Ageng Kawedanan Magersari Affairs and Licensing.

"We do not know nothing about the action that has caused such unrest Kulonprogo citizens," he said.

Widjojo said that since his brother became jumenengan KPH Ambarkusumo Paku Alam IX inevitably arise in the neighborhood of the sun twin Puro Pakualaman.

Paku Alam VIII descendants split into camps. Ie Pakualaman The Kulon (Papilon) and Pakualaman Kikis Wetan (Pakistan). As the new ruler, after changing its name to Paku Alam IX, Ambarkusumo also formed a new cabinet, including the deal points Pengageng about land as a manageable field of technocrats.

Back jumenengan plan Paku Alam IX, Angling said it actually was ready to mobilize reconciliation with their brothers and other relatives.

He said the root cause of conflict is jumenengan Ambarkusumo Pakualaman and declarations of support Pakualaman relatives on April 6, 1999.

Questioning the validity of Angling jumenengan Ambarkusumo for KPH was sworn in by the Haryasudirja Sasraningrat have different beliefs Ambarkusumo. "Please ask the religious authorities whether it is legitimate," he said.

Declaration which was signed 12 relatives were also contain a statement to anyone who disagrees with jumenengan Ambarkusumo will be set aside because it is against the principle of service wewaler Kejawen and considered against the flow of public opinion even kasentanan Praja Pakualaman will betray the ideals of the founding fathers as well as endangering the existence of the dynasty Praja Pakualaman .

"The declaration should be revoked because it hurt our feelings as part of the heirs of Paku Alam VIII," he said.

Until the end of his life, Paku Alam VIII had eight children from two wives and Retnaningrum Kray Kray Purnamaningrum.

From Retnaningrum born Probokusumo KPH, Retno Sundari Bray, Bray Dewayani Retno, Anglingkusumo KPH, KPH Songkokusumo, Bray Retno Pudjawati, Dhoyokusumo and KPH KPH Widjojokusumo.

While the Purnamaningrum, KPH Ambarkusumo, Bray Retnomartani, KPH Gondhokusumo, Retno Suskamdani Bray, Bray Retno Rukmini, KPH Tjondrokusumo, Bray and Widanarni Retno Indrokusumo KPH.

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