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Rabu, 11 November 2009

Indepence fighter symbol of Indonesian national territorial integrity

The statue that is now placed on the northern most island of Miangas is a signal to everybody in the world, that for stability in the world it would be good to recognize the settled boundaries.
Raja Bataha Santiago was a raja of Manganitu of the island of Sangir (north of Menado). He ruled from ca. 1666 until he was executed as an old man in 1675.
At that time there was a struggle going on between the Roman Catholic kingdom of Spain and the Protestant state of Holland in the archipelago.
Holland was then consolidating his position in this area, which was officially a vasal-area of the sultanate of Ternate.
Raja Bataha Santiago still kept on making rebellious atmosphere in the area to help Spain tp come back in the area. One time it was found enough and the sultan of Ternate then went to Sangir island to stop the unpeacefull atmosphere, imprisonned the raja and let him execute then.
300 years later the Indonesian government decided to proclaim Raja Bataha Santiago then as a national hero.
After his death Managnitu was decided into 2 parts for a while.
The island of Miangas was never a part of Manganitu principality,but was known as a semi-independent area before and also part of the principality of Kendahe-Tahuna (proba- bly only before of Kendahe) in the Nanusa-area.From 1912 it became part of the new principality of the Talaud-islands.
Spain;as colonial power in the Philippines;claimed the island and later that claim was inherited by it's succesor in the area the USA.
But the international law powers decided always in favour of Holland very easily.

DP Tick gRMK
I. Festivana

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