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Jumat, 13 November 2009

Indonesian King attends Royal Installation in Malaysia

On the 26th of october 2009 the 11 th Yang Dipertuan Besar of Negri Sembilan federation was installed as the crown of a ca. week long installation ceremonies in this Malaysian federal royal member state.
The new king;Tuanku Muhriz;was chosen 29-12-2008 as such by the 4 eligible member rulers of the Negri Sembilan federation as succesor to his shortly before deceased uncle Tuanku Jaafar.
Already enough has been written about this installation before, so it would be a bit unnessarily to write again elaborately about it.
Only it was an extraoridinary fact,that an Indonesian king and his queen were also attending officially.
It is Sutan Taufik Thaib gelar Yang Dipertuan Tuanko Mudo Mangkuto Alam of Pagaruyung.
The reason for it, was that some centuries ago the present ruling system of the Negri Sembilan federation;a by Minangkabauw from Sumatra peopled area;took shape, when the member states went to their old homeland on Sumatra to ask the Emperor of the Minangkabauw peoples there to give them a prince of his dynasty to be the first ruler of an united Negri Sembilan.
And so it happened.
The historical contacts with the long ago departed homeland remained very strong again ever since and that is why this ceremonial bond between the 2 areas was made in the open again by the attending of the king of the Minangkabauw area on Sumatra;also called the Emperor of Pagaruyung. He is seen on the 2nd picture.
Somewhere in the audience was the ruler of an other seperate Minangkabauw area;the close to Negri Sembilan attached area Naning in Malakka. The Dato Undang with name Abdul Latif of Naning will be shown in due time attending the event.

The installation itself was also attended by Malaysia royalty and the crown prince couple of Brunei.
The royal banquet afterwards was also attended by more royalty from all over Malaysia, the Sultan of Brunei with his near family, the Emperor of Pagaruyung with his wife and more very high dignitaries.

May all this be a blessing also for a wise rule of the new king of Negri Sembilan.

Donald P.Tick

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Anonim mengatakan...

Dear Mr. Donald P. Tick,

Is it Sultan Taufik Taib is the right heir to the Minangkabau throne? I also have a paper cutting about the coronation. One person name Muchdan Bakri bin Raja Sabaruddin bin Sultan Mangun Tuah ibni Sultan Alam Bagagarsyah. He claim that he was the right decendant of the Minangkabau Kingdom.

I shall send the paper cutting to you later via e-mail. Thanks!

Rusydi Azfar

Kupang mengatakan...

Dear Bapak Rusydi Azfar;

Thank you for your info.Well,of course there are more claimants on the throne of Pagaruyung.
As far as I know,Sutan Taufik Thaib has a pedigree in which it is showed,that his line always followed the rules for succesion.
I know also the former governor of W-Sumatra(also former minister),who says,that he is actually the real monarch of Pagaruyung:Azwar Anas.
Some say,that his line is not really according to the traditional rules.
That is not really of my concern.As I wrote above the website,that our team only want to give good information about the raja2 Indonesia(the dynasties)and that we do not choose any side.Of course we as human beings also have our thoughts about the matters of rivalry in the dynasties,but that will not(we hope)influence our giving of good news about the dynasties of Indonesia.
We only hope,that by giving sound info the world will be able to get interested in the dynasties of Indonesia as a matter of historical concern,tourism object,etc.
Unfortunately rivalry also is happening in the dynasties of Indonesia.
The point is this:before a dynasty was the ruling family of an area.The were in the social system and controlled by the nobility,traditional chiefs,dynasty itself of course,the people and higher ruling bosies like other surrounding dynasties,a paramount dynasty in an era,or of a certain people,the colonial power,etc.
Nowadays,when they do not rule officially anymore and where they are officially only a fact of moral power(...)and focuspoint for history and culture,they lack these controlmechanisms for a opart,so they can more or less do,what they want.
Of course before there also could occur rivalry,but that was always settled after a while mostly,because a principality,or kingdom had to be ruled.
Now that is not really the case.The rivalry goes on and on mostly.
Everybody thinks,that he is right.That also do not make the position of the dynasties alwys very stronger.
Such matters are also to be seen in Europe f.i.There also branches of dynasties claim,that they are the real heirs to the throne.
One of the erasons of rivalry can be the difference in opinion,what they must follow in the succesion:the traditional rule,or some practicval adaptions,so that father to oldest son rule is also accepted.Or of course other reasons.
I really hope,that the dynasties will always seek unity and harmony and that God will help them with that.
Yes;please send me some info about that royal.I never heard about him.
Further about Sutan Taufik Thaib.
Well;more or less he is recognized as the official monarch of Pagaruyung.
Bu the Indonesian government and by inviting him to the installation of the new king of Negri Sembilan in malaysia at least this dynasty also accepts him as such.

Okay,thank you for your info.
I am waiting for it with interest.
Maybe later you also can tell me,where this royal lives and how you find that documentation.
Thank you for all.

Salam hormat:
DP Tick

Agung N Sirad mengatakan...

kemana Sultan Hamengkubuwono X dan Sunan Pakubuwono XIII?

Anonim mengatakan...

The royal family of Pagaruyung/Minangkabau reside in the Silinduang Bulan Palace in Pagaruyung (village), Tanah Datar, West Sumatra.