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Senin, 06 Oktober 2008

Raja Yusuf C. Makunimau of Kolana

The Makunimau dynasty is one of the best dynasties of Indonesia. Already his forefathers were described as extremely welwilling and cooperating monarchs of Kolana, which is in NE-Alor.
Kolana is one of the 4 bigger principalities of Alor: the others are Kui, Alor and Batulolong. Sometimes the people, espacially from outside the island, also reckon Mataru and Pureman to the list of Alor principalities. Pureman merged with Kolana in 1927,but kept under the rule of his own monarchs;now with title of Kapitan.
The present very popular Bupati/districtchief of Alor/pantar is also a meber of the raja-dyansty of Kolana: Ir. Ans Takalepeta.
The Raja dignity is rotating among 2 branches of the dynasty.
Actually the raja dynasty is the Taruwamang clan.
Like most of the raja dynasties of Alor,Pantar,Solor,Lembata and Adonara (areas/islands with a similar social system and cooperation as well) they are officially from outside the area in fact.
But that is no obstruction to be good leaders.
This dynasty originally comes from E-Timor, before from the Munaseli area on pantar, area later destroyed. The so-called outsiders dynasties came to the islands, settled on the coasts,intermarried with local clans, made business and were intermediary for the inland peoples to make business with the outside world and more and more were the rajas.
Most of the principalities of Alor are Christian,only the dynasties and part of the people of Alor and Kui are muslim. Pantar raja dynasties are all muslims.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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