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Senin, 06 Oktober 2008

Raja Muda Muhammad Marzuki Nampira of Alor

Actually the Raja Family Nampira of Alor on the island of the same name was before merely Kapitans of Dulolong, on the other side of the Kalabahi bay of the residence of the rajas of Alor of the what they now call the Tulimau dynasty.
Several rajas of this dynasty were extremely non-cooperating, not suitable totally to be rajas and maybe some other reasons.
That is why the Dutch asked in 1908 the then Kapitan of Dulolong (these rulers were nearly equal in power with the rajas of Alor) to be the new raja of Alor. He refused to be real raja and only choose to be wakil-raja, or a sort of temporary-raja.
That dynasty delivered 3 rajas and 1 regent-raja (who ruled quite a long time) and now the chief of the dynasty is this crownprince.
Espacially the last ruling raja (the father of the present raja) was a sort of local hero, who showed the Dutch, that freedom was one wish of his live.
The present crownprince is a businessman and local politician as well.
Before he was the big man on the island, nowadays his political role is shared with his other activities.
He is very good informed about all kind of happenings on the island.
The present pretender of the raja-dignity of Alor of the Tulimau dynasty is Prince Drs. Mar Tulimau. His role is not so big,but he cooperates good with the Nampira-dynasty.
The Nampira dynasty actually comes from Lamakera principality on Solor island (east of Alor and Flores) according to local traditions.
The local title for Kapitan is Atabeng.
Before the rajas of Alor of the Tulimau dynasty were known as Lords of Alor Besar: that is the rea of the N peninsula. They had some influence in the other area,but their powerbase of influence was here. The actual principality of Alor was actually called Bunga Bali and was around the Kalabahi bay with it's powerbase.
That statelett was already described by European visitors in 1571.

Donald Tick,
Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan-kerajaan Indonesia "Pusaka"
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Anonim mengatakan...

Dear Donald,
Thank you for your thoughful email that share about the dynasty of Nampira. Do you have more the information about the Empire of 'Buang Baleta' = people in Alor know it as the Empire of Bunga Bali'? Are there scripts about it? As one who was born in Alor (=Kalabahi) I am so interested it.

Best Regard
Tame Moka

Anonim mengatakan...

Dear Mister/Mrs. Moka;

Sorry for later reply.Yes,I have rather much info about Alor.Also very much in Holland archives.I gave much to dinas parawisata in Kalabahi,when I was there.
A chief was a woman,whosen father's family from Lamakera.Her father knew much of Alor.
Look on at images and you will see several pictures of the rajas of Alor.Do you know info about raja2 Alor island?
I had contact with a German woman,who made book about history of Pantar and Alor;espacially of very old time.
Alor is very favourite island to me.The people are superfriendly.I like the island very much..I shall look at your site.You also can contact me via my e-mail.
I have basic pedigrees of the rajas of Alor island(also of mataru and Pureman)with quite exact dates of rule,dearth,sometimes birth of the rajas.

Hormat saya:
Donald Tick

Unknown mengatakan...

kakkoi :) , good